Winona Weekend

This past weekend, Jake and I took a quick road trip down to Winona to visit his mom and enjoy the beautiful weather. I’d never been down to this city on the bluffs nor had I really ever traveled this far south in Minnesota. It was a short and sweet, one day trip and the weather was perfect – 70 degrees for a high and a bit cooler once the sun went down. We took a walk to Lions Park, did some work, and then spent a few hours hiking and walking the city. We walked through Garvin Heights park which oversees the Mississippi River and is quite picturesque. We found a beautiful tree with leaves that had just turned to a redish orange that stuck out among still green leaves – for some reason it really caught my eye.

We’re hoping to go back to Winona in the next few weeks to see the colors on the leaves changing and get more hiking in. Traveling is limited right now so these mini road trips are a way to feed the wanderlust in me. Thanks for reading – enjoy!








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