What’s In My Gym Bag | Spring 2016

If you’re a gym goer like myself then having a prepared gym bag is essential. I love having my bag packed in advance for grabbing on the way out the door to work or for a quick workout. I’ve recently added a few items to my bag that I always have in it and wanted to post a what’s in my gym bag right before my spring fitness update.

My gym bag is similar to the Adidas Defender 2 Duffel Bag in purple, my favorite color! Of course, I like to keep my gym shoes in my bag – my two favorites are both by Asics. My trainers for lifting days are the Gel Fit Tempo Cross-Training shoe and my runners are Gel Equation. The Gel Fit trainers are super light weight and perfect for lifting – I really like them and their available at a great price. I own an additional pair of trainers that I enjoy as well, but they’re heavier than the Gel Fit style. I’ve had great luck with Asics shoes, whether it’s for running or lifting.


In the side pocket of my bag I keep my accessories I use almost daily at the gym, including my lock, headphones, weight training gloves, arm band phone case, and an extra pair of sun glasses. Often I head out to the gym early on the weekends, and having an extra pair of sunglasses always comes in handy. I use my lifting gloves on back day when I’m performing dead lifts, butI like to always have them on hand just in case – pun intended.

side accessorieswatermark

For water bottles, I prefer my Blender Bottle, but when I run I like my Camelbak so I keep both in my bag! I would like my Camelbak a lot more if it held up to the claims of being leak-proof, but mine always leaks into my bag if I leave water in it. I’ve also been keeping the SIX Nutrition Hydra + Focus drink mix in my bag for evening workouts, since it only has 10mg caffeine per serving. This flavor is really great and I enjoy having the mix in my bag, but at this point I don’t think I’ll purchase it again. I’d like to get a BCAA mix that doesn’t contain caffeine for my late evening workouts.

water bottleswatermark

The last two bits are a towel for a quick pat down after the workout and my new jump rope. I got this 8′ jump rope on Amazon and if you’re about my height, 5′, then you’ll want the same one. The 10′ ropes are far too long for anyone under 5’4″.


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