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Recently, I received another Influenster* Vox Box – this time it was the Revive Vox Box that included products geared towards fitness and healthy lifestyle influencers. Influenster is a website that anyone is free to sign up for and based on your audience outreach they send you products geared towards your interests and lifestyle. I’ve received two of these boxes in the past, and honestly each one has been better than the one before it. The first box I received had beauty items and a few snacks, the last one I received had a protein powder and a few healthier snack alternatives, and in my most recent haul I received three protein powder samples, a hair product designed for curly/natural hair, and coffee samples!

In today’s reviews I’m going to focus on the three protein powder samples and shaker bottle I received, complimentary of the Vitamin Shoppe. Let’s just talk about the Bodytech Shaker bottle and get it out of the way. I’m loyal to my BlenderBottle and that’s how it’s going to stay. This shaker bottle worked in terms of blending together a protein shake, but once I opened the spout to try the protein shake I was done. I didn’t trust putting this in my lunch bag to bring to work for fear it was going to leak everywhere. Sadly, this is a no go – BlenderBottle for life.

To test out the three protein powders I received I planned my meals in order to have three protein shakes throughout the week. The three samples I received were the Bodytech Whey Tech Pro 24 – Strawberries and Cream, Next Step – Cookies and Cream, and Plnt – Vanilla. Protein shakes aren’t my favorite, but they’re quick and easy for breakfast and generally have good macros so I can get my carbs elsewhere. I had originally planned to try one of the powders in a serving of oats, since I like to do that with my regular protein powder (recipe here), but to be fair to all of the samples I didn’t end of doing that.

Revive Vox Box contents

The first thing I did was check the nutritional facts on all the samples. The closest to my regular Optimum Nutrition protein was the Bodytech sample, so this was the first one I tried. Of the three protein samples I received this was my favorite and the only one I would recommend if you’re in the market. It has the best macros for the calories, 120kcal, 3C, 24P, 1F which was the lowest carbs for the highest protein at lowest calories, and also tasted the best. I probably could have done with a vanilla flavor, but the strawberry was good for something different. The package recommends mixing with 8 ounces of water until smooth. I tried this, but opted to add about 4 ounces of almond milk – this is my go to ratio for protein shakes.

Of the remaining two samples, the Next Step is the one I enjoyed more because of the flavor, however the macros on this weren’t the best: 140kcal, 13C, 14P, 5F – that’s a lot of carbs for not a lot of protein. This was the sample I was going to use in my oats because I thought the added chocolate flavor would be good replacement of the peanut butter powder I also like to add to my oats, in addition to protein powder. Like I said, I had this like I would my normal protein shake and the flavor was good, but I can’t recommend this based simply on the macros.

The Plnt protein powder was not enjoyable at all, I’m sorry to say. For being vanilla, this didn’t have any kind of sweetness to it so I’m not even sure you could use this in baking or oats. The macros aren’t too bad here: 120kcal, 7C, 19P, 2F, but the lack of flavor does not make this protein powder worth the buy. I was really bummed by this sample because it was completely plant based, something I touched on in my last Vox Box review.

I always like trying new protein powders and supplements to see how they compare to the products I already use in my fitness routine and pay a good amount of money for. I would be open to trying the Bodytech Whey protein powder in a different flavor – maybe this french vanilla flavor – but I probably wouldn’t switch to it permanently because the carbs are higher than my Optimum Nutrition protein powder.

Thanks to Influenster for the products! I still have the Shea Moisture products to try out, I just keep forgetting I have them so I may do a mini review on that in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading!

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