Tostadas & Homemade Pico

I was searching Pinterest for some new recipes to try and this tostada recipe popped up and that’s what I was missing in my life. I love tacos, but I’ve kind of burnt out those recipes on here so here’s a flat version instead! All in all, these were good and a bit different than the norm, plus you can make these to everyone’s liking depending on the toppings. We paired ours with vegetarian refried beans and homemade pico.

what you’ll need

-2-6″ flour tortillas
-1/2 C. vegetarian refried beans (lower in fat)
-42g shredded mozzarella cheese
-1/2 C. shredded cabbage
-pico de gallo – easy recipe below!
-50g avocado
-black olives
-green onions
-non-stick cooking spray
-sriracha mayo – optional

Spray a small saucepan with the non-stick spray and place on the stove top over low heat. Add the refried beans and look slowly, stirring occasionally. While the beans are heating up, spray a small frying pan with the non-stick spray and place of medium heat. Add the tortillas to the pan and cook for about 2 to 3 minutes on each side – this will make them a crispier and make it easier to hold the toppings. Check the beans, stirring, and checking to see if they’re warmed up. Prepare your pico de gallo and additional toppings while the beans are warming up. For homemade pico, I recommend prepping it at least a few hours before use so that all the ingredient have time to marinate together.

Once the tortillas and the beans are done, remove both from heat. Top the crisped tortillas with the refried beans, cheese, cabbage, pico de gallo – or tomatoes, and avocado. Top with some sriracha mayo or taco sauce if you like. I love a good sauce, especially sriracha mayo.

Calories and macros for two tostadas: 510 calories, 50g carbs, 22g protein, 24g fat. Not too bad – pretty good for a post workout dinner. You may need to save some of your fat macros for your day if you’re planning to make this fit, but that’s the beauty of flexible dieting.

Tostadas & Homemade Pico

As for the pico, we went homemade on this. We can buy prepped pico de gallo from our local grocery store, but honestly it goes back pretty quickly. Our tomato plant has been flourishing lately – there’s currently six extra tomatoes in our kitchen waiting to be used – and this recipe needed a good topping so the tomatoes came in handy. We had a bit leftover that I saved in a glass, air tight container in the fridge and went perfect with some egg whites – totally recommend!

what you’ll need 

-2 -3 tomatoes – ours are roma
-red onion
-lime juice
-salt and pepper

Dice the tomatoes and add to a bowl. Dice the amount of red onion and jalapeno to your liking to add to the tomatoes, along with a handful of cilantro, splash of lime juice, and finally salt and pepper to your liking. That’s it! If you’re like us and you have tomatoes growing in your garden, this is the perfect way to use them up. Besides the jalapeno, I usually have all the ingredients on hand from other recipes which makes this super inexpensive. Sometimes I’ll make it without the jalapeno too, but it definitely adds a kick.

No calories or macros on my recipe. I used a pico from the MyFitnessPal database to calculate the tostadas calories and macros.

Thanks for reading! Hope you give this recipe a try.

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