Tofurky and Cucumber Wrap | Recipe of the Week

This week’s recipe of the week is super simple and great for summer. I decided to switch to maintenance calories and macros this past week, seeing as summer is here which means more social hours and eating out. New macros means more carbs! Not a ton more, but I don’t have to be as restrictive or careful when meal planning. This recipe came about because when I got home from Wednesday cardio someone had eaten all of the leftover pizza I had been looking forward to all day. So I improvised.

I had some leftover Tofurky slices and FlatOut wraps from my mini kebab meal prep last weekend, so I grabbed both of those along with some veggies in the fridge and threw together a quick wrap. I’m not a huge sandwich person, but I love a good wrap every once in a while. I really wish I would have some sprouts at home for this – it would have been perfect!

tofurky cucumber wrap

what you’ll need

  • FlatOut Original Light wrap
  • Hummus – I used Tribe Zesty Garlic
  • Cheese – I only had shredded mozzarella
  • Tofurky Oven Roasted Deli Slices, or another protein of choice from the deli
  • Cucumbers, sliced
  • Black olives

Spread some hummus onto the FlatOut wrap and top with cheese – I sprinkled mine on. Place five slices of the Tofurky, or your protein of choice on top followed by cucumbers and black olives. Fold over the wrap and cut in half. You’re done! So easy. On the side I had some Snack Factory Pretzel Chips dipped in peanut butter – easily my favorite snack of the week. Give it a try as your preworkout snack.

Estimated calories and macros on this recipe, including the pretzel chips and peanut butter: 523 calories, 51g carbs, 33g protein, 24g fat (omit the peanut butter if the fat macro is too high). Honestly these macros aren’t too bad considering I didn’t plan this meal in advance. I would make this again for a quick dinner during the summer or even for a meal prep.

Thanks for reading!

Tofuky Cucumber Flat Out Wrap

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