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This Friday, I don’t have Friday Favorites and I also didn’t have enough stand out products in March to dedicate a whole post to. I did however have a favorite recipe that I made this week and I thought now would be a good time to make a change. On Friday’s when I do have a favorite recipe from the week, I’m going to share it as a recipe of the week. I’ll be sure to credit where the recipe came from since I get a lot of my recipes from Pinterest. But I’ll share any updates or changes I made so the recipe fit my macros. My goal is to get more into making original recipes that I can share on my blog and hopefully inspire others to start cooking more!

I found this yummy looking lettuce wrap recipe while browsing Pinterest and added all the ingredients I would need to my grocery list over the weekend. I already had some leftover cabbage from ramen noodle salad I made last week and hearts of romaine that I bought for my salads. The original recipe from was a Thai Chicken Lettuce Wrap, similar to what you’d get at PF Changs, but I don’t eat chicken so I made mine with tofu instead – it was perfect! Jake made some chicken on the side that he put on his, so it worked out perfectly!

Thai Lettuce Wraps - Recipe of the Week

Currently, I’m on a cut so lettuce wraps are a great alternative to traditional wraps or tacos. I’m definitely not restricted from eating tortillas or taco shells, but I’d rather save my carbs for other snacks throughout the day. In addition to the red curry paste called for in the original recipe, I added soy sauce and sriracha for some extra flavor. The hearts of romaine worked for this recipe, but next time I think I’ll go with iceberg lettuce so there’s a bit more give when wrapping the filling. To garnish I used green onion as the recipe called for, which I also had leftover in the fridge, but also topped the wrap with cilantro and sriracha mayo – both staple in a lot of my recipes! The macros on the recipe I prepared for each wrap are 103 calories, 10g  carbs, 8g protein, and 3g fat – made 5 servings. I had two when I made these for dinner so it rounded out to a macro friendly meal for me!

I made enough to have leftovers for the next day, making two smaller wraps with a small protein shake on the side after back day this week. I’d say the smaller ones had 75% of the calories and macros of that listed above. This would be a good recipe for a barbecue or pot luck – just add the filling to the a Crock Pot and leave it on the warm setting!

Happy Friday and happy cooking!

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