Tech and Fitness Updates | Spring Cleaning

After doing some recent spring cleaning, I decided to make a few upgrades to my tech and fitness items. I’ve also hit some new personal records at the gym that I think that counts as spring cleaning. Basically, I wanted to post a life and small fitness update so I’m filing it under spring cleaning.

Tech Upgrades

With the recent traveling I’ve been doing, and the hope to continue in the future, I decided to invest in tablet that I could bring with me in place of my laptop. When I’m on vacation, I don’t want to spend all my time connected to the internet, but I still want to have the option to do personal work on my blog and post pictures during my travel. My laptop is nice, but it’s a bit too heavy to go in my tote bag for flights. In its place I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″ which was on sale at Best Buy for $170 at the time I purchased it. I chose a tablet that had a smaller screen, but makes reading on a screen for a longer period of time more comfortable. Also, this is my first Android device purchase so I’m still learning how everything on it works. I’ve had an iPhone for the past five years and I’m not sold on the Android operating system quite yet to feel comfortable getting on for a phone. I considered purchasing an iPad, but seeing as I don’t foresee getting a ton of use out of the tablet I didn’t feel it would have been worth the investment.

I also purchased this case that came with the cutest little keyboard, that will be handy when traveling. I can also see myself bringing the tablet to work with me over the summer, so I can get away from desk but still get some personal work done. I like the set I purchased, but I don’t think someone with hands larger than mine would be able to comfortably type on this – and my hands are pretty small. Still, this will work for me and what I’m looking to use it for. I really feel like I’m a part of the 21st century now, with all these fancy new products.

When I was browsing Best Buy’s website for the tablet, I took a peek at the Fitbits – I’m so happy I did. The Fitbit’s were also on sale, in particular, the Charge HR was $20 off – I bit the bullet and bought a purple Charge HR! I’m so happy I finally purchased this and I’m loving it. One of my first posts when I started blogging regularly again was about my Fitbit. I had purchased a Fitbit Flex two months prior as an added ‘bit’ of motivation for my workouts – and it worked! I loved it and loved seeing my results on a screen in front of me. After a while however, I started to regret not purchasing the Charge HR which has the heart rate monitor for better calculating during physical activity. Seeing as my main goals are strength training and performance, as opposed to cardio or weight loss, having the heart rate monitor to me seemed like a better investment. Of course, now that I have the purple Fitbit, it matches my gym bag, water bottle, and Blender Bottles. Seriously, I look like I coordinated everything when I walk into the gym, but purple is just my favorite color.

Charge HR Plum upgrade

The only downer I’ve noticed to the Charge HR has been the battery life. Since it does so much more than my previous Flex, there’s more battery to be used. That being said, it’s supposed to last up to five days depending on the settings and number of times synced per day. I turned off my all-day sync option a while ago when I still had my Flex, and also try not to check my steps and other stats on the display every single hour. I’m hoping this is just how the battery life shows in the Fitbit app and that it can operate on a medium battery for two to three days.

Fitness Updates

I don’t want to burn out and constantly be posting fitness updates on my blog, but I’m pretty excited about some recent changes and I want to share them. First of all, I’m at a 215 pound dead lift – what! I hit 205 a few weeks back, then this past week I miscounted the plates and didn’t realize until after the lift that it was 215. I’m nearing double my body weight on dead lifts (I’m 110 pounds for reference) and I’m very proud of myself for continuing to work towards my strength and fitness goals. Thanks to my new dead lift number, I’m nearing the 500 club on my combined three lifts: 490 pounds – so close!

I’m still technically on cut over here, but I’ve been I’m excited to start getting back into strength training. I’ve discovered powerlifting and I don’t want to go back. In terms of powerlifting, my squat and dead lift are both good, but my bench definitely needs work. Once August comes along, when I’m planing to switch back to strength training full time, I really want to focus getting my bench press up since it’s pretty low compared to my other lifts. To do this, I’m going to do a bulk and focus on gaining overall strength. I also want to try some new exercises that may help improve my chest strength, but I’m not what those may be. I still need to do some research on what I could do to bring my bench up.

This upcoming week, I’m running in a one mile sprint with work along side my coworkers. When I signed for the spring back in March, I was hoping to train at my mile to get in under eight minutes. After I got back from LA, I had planned to start running more, but honestly I just didn’t want to. I’m not a runner. I’m someone who is into fitness that can run. I know if I’m determined I can get done in under 8:15 minutes, but I’d be happy if I do it in under 8:30 minutes. I’ll post my time the next time I do a fitness update.


Thanks for reading!

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