• Meal Prep Sunday Tips & Recipes
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    Meal Prep Sunday Tips and Recipes

    Taking time out of your Sunday (or whatever day is your free day during the week) to prep your meals for the week is going to be the best way to keep you on track to hit your goals. I’ve been doing meal prep Sunday consistently for the past three years and I get better at it every week. Prepping meals is also a great way to save money – if you already have meals at home or ready to take with you to work, you’re going to less likely to sway away from those meals and go out for lunch. Also, having a prepared lunch with you at work…

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    Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles

    Recipe of the week is back! I’m not going to commit to posting a new recipe every single week, but I’m going to do my best to post a new recipe at least twice a month. As I promised in my first Meal Prep Sunday post of 2017, because I got this Spiralizer for Christmas I have many zoodle recipes coming. I already shared my Marinara Zoodle recipe in that same post and I’m still loving it, but I made this shrimp scampi recipe last weekend and it brought me back to my childhood. I used to love pasta and shrimp scampi when I was in my teens, but I haven’t…

  • Meal Prep Sunday - 1.2.17
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    1.2.17 | First Meal Prep of 2017

    Happy New Year! I started the year off not feeling the best – I didn’t make it to the gym on the first day of the year because I was feeling under the weather. But I didn’t let that keep me down. I made it a point to get to the gym on January 2 with a strong shoulder day and cardio session, and also started a cut. To be honest, I wasn’t planning to start my cut until February or March, but after considering my long term goal I decided to start the year off right and get into my dieting phase. I’m planning to cut through at least February,…

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    Sauted Spinach & Veggies

    This recipe was inspired by my most recent favorite channel I’ve added to my YouTube subscription. I recently checked out Yami Mufdi’s YouTube channel after following her on Instagram for a while and I’ve been loving her videos as she prepares for her next show. I’m kind of at an in between point with my fitness goals and what I’m working towards, and I’m looking for new inspirations, and seeing her persevere through her meal plan while while sticking to some intense workouts makes me feel like I can do anything. She shared this dish in a video a few weeks back and for some reason it sounded delishes! I’ve been…

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    Grocery List | Week of 8.7.16

    Happy Meal Prep Sunday! This is my meal prep from last week and thought I would share it you a little different than I have in the past. When I went into last week’s meal prep, I was really tired of my usual grilled salmon and green lettuce salads because I’m getting quite bored with my regular meal preps. Shopping List fruits & vegetables carrots – whole and matchstix style 1 red bell pepper spinach 2 sweet potatoes cilantro green onions lime juice hummus canned/dry/frozen 15 oz. can black beans 24 oz canned tuna 4 oz. corn Morningstar Griller Crumbles or Ground Turkey 15 oz. navy beans old fashioned oats quinoa…