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    my natural deodorant recommendations

    About a year ago, I shared that I had switched to using a natural deodorant in lieu of an antiperspirant. Well, that only lasted until that one product ran out. So I switched back and got used to the sweat-free life again. After some more consideration, I decided that switching to a natural deodorant is only going to benefit my health and my future self. Natural deodorants have become more popular over the past several years due to the possible side effects of using aluminium-based antiperspirants. For me, making the switch came down to the aluminum being a possible hormone disruptor, which I’m uncomfortable with as it can impact fertility…

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    Friday Favorites | 3.18.16

    Happy Friday! Last week, I was battling a cold and didn’t have the energy to put up a Friday Favorites. Honestly, I didn’t really have a lot of makeup or fitness loves last week since I slept as much as I could. Most of my favorites this week are makeup – nothing new on the fitness front to report. This weekend we’re getting ready to host the spring equinox party that we do every change of the season, just for fun. So much to get done yet on this Friday! Tarte Mariacuja Creasless Concealer* | I received this concealer as gratis a while ago and for a long time I didn’t know…

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    My Skin Care Routine

    My skin care routine is nothing ground breaking, but it works for me.  It’s also *fairly* simple compared to a lot that I have seen.  About half of the products I use are from the drugstore, about half high end including Clarisonic. During my high school years, I was pretty fortunate not to have too much acne, only hormonal breakouts.  When I got to college, I started getting some more serious acne along my jaw line. I went to a dermatologist and started using a prescription, but stopped using it when the product ran out.  Part of the reason I didn’t stick with it was because my skin was better and…