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    6 Tips for a Good Day & Week

    With the current state and circumstances that we have all been impacted by, I wanted to share what I’ve been doing to set myself up for a good day and week. Like so many at this time, I am working from home full time and practicing social distancing which is not my normal. These 6 things that I have been doing over the past week have really helped my mood and feel as normal as possible during this time. Check out my tips! And let me know what you have been doing to keep relaxed and maintain as normal lifestyle as possible during this time.

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    What I Eat In A Day | Spring 2016

    To be successful at counting macros, or being on a diet in general, it’s a good idea to always being prepared. Meal prep and meal planning is the best way to stay on track. Lately, I’ve been sitting down on Sunday’s and planning every meal I’m going to eat throughout at least the work week on some awesome Post-Its I was gifted that have the days of the week printed on them. Then each night I can go into MyFitnessPal and add all the foods to see where my calories and macros are at. Here’s a quick break down on how I meal plan daily. BREAKFAST | The first thing I…