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    Tofu Cauliflower Fried “Rice” | Recipe of the Week

    I know it’s a little ironic to share a recipe that uses tofu as it’s main source of protein only a week after posting about possibly going back to eating chicken. I’m still considering adding chicken to my diet, leaning more towards a yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely against vegetarian-friendly options. In fact, if I can I’d rather eat the vegetarian-friendly options because that’s what I’m more accustomed to. I’m just looking to add some more variety and good macros to better hit my fitness goals. Anyways, if you are meat-free this is a great macro friendly recipe for protein and low carbs. This version of friend rice…

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    Flat Bread Pizza

    I love pizza. I think that’s a fairly normal! Sadly, pizza doesn’t really fit my macros the best so I usually save it for a cheat meals I wanted to come up with a pizza recipe that was a bit more macro friendly that I could eat without having to work in a cheat meal. I’m starting to work more on my mains lifts again and focus on gaining strength, so I have a few more carbs to work with on training days. I’m not doing a bulk by any means, but staying closer to maintenance than a cut. I actually recalculate the my macros using a new formula, so I’m…

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    Add Some Spice to Your Life

    I’ve never been a fan of spicy or hot foods. I never was big on Thai or Mexican cuisine simply because I always feared the food would be too spicy for me to handle. I remember growing up thinking my dad was a total weirdo for going to Kansas City and trying the hottest barbecue sauce that he could find, to the point where there would be tears coming from his eyes. Now that I’ve had time for my pallet to grow and I’ve expanded my cooking skills beyond the basic American diet, I’m starting to really enjoy a good kick in a lot of my foods. I know I’m not…