• Beauty

    my curly hair routine 2020

    I recently revamped by curly hair routine to get the best curls all while keeping things simple and easy. This will be especially important with a newborn on the way as I imagine I won’t have much time for showering, let alone a full hair care routine. I shared my full curly hair routine on my YouTube channel, which you can checkout below.

  • Fitness

    Why I Lift

    I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks, and I’ve been in an undeniable creative and workout rut. Right now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and find a good workout plan for me for the next few months. As I’ve been working to find what is motivating for me to get to the gym and keep eating healthy during the holiday time, I’ve truly been questioning why I lift. Why I like to lift and what it does for me in the greater scope of things. Along with that is also figuring out what fitness means to me. I’ve been lifting for four years now and…

  • Fitness

    Summer Workout Routine | Back to Basics

    I feel like my workout routine and progress has been all over the place in 2016. I started out the year wanting to do a cut, then after I started that I decided that eating at deficit for 12 weeks was too depressing. During spring and early summer I got into powering nearly joining a new gym to train for the sport. I didn’t end up switching gyms because training gyms are very expensive, and also far and in between within my city limits. Not too mention I hit I lifting plateau in them middle of summer; nothing makes lifting more of a drag than no gains. I was so excited at the beginning of…

  • Fitness

    Cardio and Weight Training

    I’m very happy to say that I completed my first 5K this past weekend which was on my list of 2016 fitness goals! I was never a good runner in high school and only broke a 10-minute mile once, so having completed a 5K is quite the feat for me. I finished the entire thing in 27:25, averaging around an 8:45 mile. I also participated in a 1-mile sprint with work this past week and ran my best mile yet at 7:18.6. So many new PRs set this past week and I’m pretty proud of myself! Now that I’ve hit a few goals and been doing cardio for my cut the past…

  • Recipes

    Salmon Tortilla Soup | Recipe of the Week

    Last week I was putting together a salad with some of the store bought packaged salmon, and on the back of the Chicken of the Sea package I saw this recipe: salmon tortilla soup. Done! I always see chicken tortilla soup recipes floating around on Pinterest, but since I don’t eat chicken I’ve never made any of them. Sure I could make them vegetarian style with beans or tofu, but I feel like it just wouldn’t be the same. I love salmon though, I always have, even when fish wasn’t in my diet so this was the perfect replacement. Making meals with my Crock Pot is my favorite ways to cook and…

  • Lifestyle

    Spring Wish List

    A new month and one month closer to Spring! I’ve started my new fitness routine plus the nutrition plan to go with it. I have a spring break booked for the first time in a years to Los Angeles to visit my friend who moved out there a few years ago. There’s also the upcoming Underoath reunion tour – the most excited I’ve been for a concert in years! Spring is looking good. Woven Run Short • Old Navy | Now that it will be warming up I want to perform some of my workous outside, including running outdoors. Last fall was the first time I really ventured outdoors for my runs.…