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    the perfect nude nail & at-home manicure tips

    This will be a quick blog post that will help you step up your at-home manicure! As soon as the warmer months come around, my schedule becomes packed! And since I’ve been on a nail polish kick lately, I’ve had to create my own at-home manicure process and find products that give salon-like results. After many trial and errors, and testing a ton of polish colors, I think I’ve found the perfect at-home manicure and nude nail. I love having my nails done, but I really can’t afford going to the salon twice per month. I think that’s most of us, right? That being said, I can’t stand when the…

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    The Best Fall Nail Polish – Revlon Hold ‘Em

    I’m one of those people who is constantly changing my nail polish color or repainting my nails because tiny little chips will show up around the edges. I know it’s normal for manicures to have wear at the tips of the nail, but sometimes I just can’t stand looking at that. You’d think I’d just switch over to gel manicures, but I don’t like the way my cuticle can look once the color starts to grow out. I know, I just can’t be happy. So instead, I do my own manicure switching out the color around twice a week and for the most part they don’t chip very often now that I have…