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    Tofurky and Cucumber Wrap | Recipe of the Week

    This week’s recipe of the week is super simple and great for summer. I decided to switch to maintenance calories and macros this past week, seeing as summer is here which means more social hours and eating out. New macros means more carbs! Not a ton more, but I don’t have to be as restrictive or careful when meal planning. This recipe came about because when I got home from Wednesday cardio someone had eaten all of the leftover pizza I had been looking forward to all day. So I improvised. I had some leftover Tofurky slices and FlatOut wraps from my mini kebab meal prep last weekend, so I grabbed…

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    Flat Bread Pizza

    I love pizza. I think that’s a fairly normal! Sadly, pizza doesn’t really fit my macros the best so I usually save it for a cheat meals I wanted to come up with a pizza recipe that was a bit more macro friendly that I could eat without having to work in a cheat meal. I’m starting to work more on my mains lifts again and focus on gaining strength, so I have a few more carbs to work with on training days. I’m not doing a bulk by any means, but staying closer to maintenance than a cut. I actually recalculate the my macros using a new formula, so I’m…