• Meal Prep Sunday Tips & Recipes
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    Meal Prep Sunday Tips and Recipes

    Taking time out of your Sunday (or whatever day is your free day during the week) to prep your meals for the week is going to be the best way to keep you on track to hit your goals. I’ve been doing meal prep Sunday consistently for the past three years and I get better at it every week. Prepping meals is also a great way to save money – if you already have meals at home or ready to take with you to work, you’re going to less likely to sway away from those meals and go out for lunch. Also, having a prepared lunch with you at work…

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    Favorite Go-To Meals | December 2016

    It’s hard to resist all the delicious treats around almost every corner you turn this time of year. I know my workplace gets indulgent treats nearly every day in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and there’s no way I’m alone in that. When I’m not eating all of the delicious treats around me and eating out for a special gathering, I’m focusing on eat clean, wholesome meals. Then I don’t feel as bad when I have a savory or sweet meal. This time of year also tends to be pretty busy with holiday preparations, parties, and the days are shorter making getting to the gym a little harder. Lately for meals at…

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    Sauted Spinach & Veggies

    This recipe was inspired by my most recent favorite channel I’ve added to my YouTube subscription. I recently checked out Yami Mufdi’s YouTube channel after following her on Instagram for a while and I’ve been loving her videos as she prepares for her next show. I’m kind of at an in between point with my fitness goals and what I’m working towards, and I’m looking for new inspirations, and seeing her persevere through her meal plan while while sticking to some intense workouts makes me feel like I can do anything. She shared this dish in a video a few weeks back and for some reason it sounded delishes! I’ve been…

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    Flat Bread Pizza

    I love pizza. I think that’s a fairly normal! Sadly, pizza doesn’t really fit my macros the best so I usually save it for a cheat meals I wanted to come up with a pizza recipe that was a bit more macro friendly that I could eat without having to work in a cheat meal. I’m starting to work more on my mains lifts again and focus on gaining strength, so I have a few more carbs to work with on training days. I’m not doing a bulk by any means, but staying closer to maintenance than a cut. I actually recalculate the my macros using a new formula, so I’m…

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    What I Eat In A Day | Spring 2016

    To be successful at counting macros, or being on a diet in general, it’s a good idea to always being prepared. Meal prep and meal planning is the best way to stay on track. Lately, I’ve been sitting down on Sunday’s and planning every meal I’m going to eat throughout at least the work week on some awesome Post-Its I was gifted that have the days of the week printed on them. Then each night I can go into MyFitnessPal and add all the foods to see where my calories and macros are at. Here’s a quick break down on how I meal plan daily. BREAKFAST | The first thing I…