• Meal Planning - Starting Your Fitness Journey

    Meal Planning | Starting Your Fitness Journey

    2018 is here. Have you started working towards your new goals? I personally enjoy setting new goals for myself whether it’s at the beginning of year,  month, or even once a week. I believe it’s important to always be growing and improving. For many at the turn of the year, they set goals to start eating healthier and workout more. I’m all about this goal, but of those who set that goal, did you make a plan for it? It’s a perfect time to get started on your fitness journey and improve your overall well-being. When you’re just getting started it can be overwhelming and you may not even know…

  • Chicken Sweet Potato Black Bean Skillet
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    Ground Chicken, Sweet Potato, Black Bean Skillet

    Last week I got back on my meal prep game and I went hard. I ended up making 12 meals that will last me over two work weeks because I tend to eat my meal preps for lunch at work and not so much for dinner. This ground chicken, sweet potato, black bean skillet is a revival of a recipe that I made last year when I first started IIFYM and I was experimenting with throwing together different whole foods to find new recipes. This year’s recipe is different because I’m now eating chicken so I instead of using Morningstar ground crumbles (which you can absolutely use if you’re a vegetarian…

  • Grilled Tilapia, Roasted Potatoes, Asparagus Meal Prep
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    Grilled Tilapia, Roasted Red Potatoes & Asparagus

    This past weekend I was craving tilapia so I decided to make it my meal prep for the week. To be honest I’ve never really liked tilapia the way I enjoy other seafoods, but I was willing to give it another try. When I got to the seafood section for my grocery shopping (take a peak at this blog post if you want tips on how to make a grocery list for meal prepping) the frozen tilapia I usually buy was sold out so I opted for fresh. I tend to stick with frozen because it’s convenience and price, but this meal prep with fresh fish turned out so much better than…

  • Meal Prep Sunday Tips & Recipes
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    Meal Prep Sunday Tips and Recipes

    Taking time out of your Sunday (or whatever day is your free day during the week) to prep your meals for the week is going to be the best way to keep you on track to hit your goals. I’ve been doing meal prep Sunday consistently for the past three years and I get better at it every week. Prepping meals is also a great way to save money – if you already have meals at home or ready to take with you to work, you’re going to less likely to sway away from those meals and go out for lunch. Also, having a prepared lunch with you at work…

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    Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

    This week was not one my best in terms of sticking to macros or meal plans because I didn’t really plan anything in advance. I got back from my LA vacation late Sunday evening so there was no time for meal prepping. I had made a few extra salmon meals the week before leaving, but that wasn’t quite enough for the whole week. My prepped meals are usually for lunches so I was at a loss for what to make for dinner. Luckily I had some frozen shrimp that I picked up a few weeks ago and some tortillas in the fridge – shrimp tacos it was! I love tacos.…