• Summer Beauty Essentials 2018

    My Summer Beauty Essentials

    Happy summer! The summer solstice was this past week on June 21 so what a better time to share some of my summer beauty essentials I’ve been loving. Makeup is one of my favorite hobbies and I would even say I have quite the collection. I’m no beauty guru or blogger, but it’s always fun for me to share new finds and favorites. It’s a little bittersweet to think about the solstice already passing us because from here on out, the days only get shorter. So if you haven’t made summer vacation plans yet or made it out to the cabin, be sure you add it your calendars ASAP. I…

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    Shopping My Makeup Stash | Spring Cleaning

    I’m back with another spring cleaning post, this one came from cleaning out my makeup and shopping through my current collection for some new goodies. I’ve picked out some old favorites that will be flattering during the spring and for work. Most of these products are neutral and easy to wear, with a few exceptions. A year ago that would have been really boring to me, but I’ve found a level of comfort with makeup staples that I can use to quickly get ready for work in the early morning hours. To always encourage myself to recycle out products I’m no longer using, I keep a small bin on the floor next to…