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    My Fitness Journey

    I finally got around to filming my fitness journey which I shared on my YouTube channel. Since I’ve been sharing my fitness journey here on my blog for many years, I thought I’d share the video here as well. I anted to share my fitness journey on my YouTube when I first launched my channel in late 2019, but after I found out I was pregnant much of my content and focus on fitness change. This video is to share my journey over the past 7+ years and to have as a reference when I get back into a routine after baby girl arrives and I recover from delivery.

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    my natural deodorant recommendations

    About a year ago, I shared that I had switched to using a natural deodorant in lieu of an antiperspirant. Well, that only lasted until that one product ran out. So I switched back and got used to the sweat-free life again. After some more consideration, I decided that switching to a natural deodorant is only going to benefit my health and my future self. Natural deodorants have become more popular over the past several years due to the possible side effects of using aluminium-based antiperspirants. For me, making the switch came down to the aluminum being a possible hormone disruptor, which I’m uncomfortable with as it can impact fertility…

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    What I’ve Learned on My Fitness Journey

    I began my fitness journey a few years ago and I’ve come farther than I could have ever imagined. While I’ve been on this journey I’ve learned a lot about myself, what makes me happy and the person I want to be, and I’ve also learned a lot of new skills that apply to so much more than workouts in the gym. How to cook. When I started out with basic lifts at the gym, I had no idea what nutrition was. Then I moved into my own apartment a few years ago, and learned to juggle my fitness lifestyle and a major budget. Once I picked up on what eating healthy…

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    Cardio and Weight Training

    I’m very happy to say that I completed my first 5K this past weekend which was on my list of 2016 fitness goals! I was never a good runner in high school and only broke a 10-minute mile once, so having completed a 5K is quite the feat for me. I finished the entire thing in 27:25, averaging around an 8:45 mile. I also participated in a 1-mile sprint with work this past week and ran my best mile yet at 7:18.6. So many new PRs set this past week and I’m pretty proud of myself! Now that I’ve hit a few goals and been doing cardio for my cut the past…