• 5 Things I No Longer Buy

    5 Things I No Longer Buy

    I’ve been making a lot of changes in my life the past few months. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that last year I went on a budget to pay off my debt. With that, I’ve become more mindful with my purchases and overall consuming less. At first, I quit fast fashion moving towards buying the majority of my clothes second hand. Shopping second hand for clothing has opened my mind to other items from my daily routine that are simply unneeded or aren’t bringing value to my life. And if there is something I’m in need of, there’s usually a selection at the thrift store I can browse…

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    Looking Forward | 2017 Goals

    Last year I put my New Year’s Resolutions out there to keep myself accountable and this year I’m doing it again. This year’s goals are more in-depth than last years and also I’m not making quite as many for myself. Having goals is important because it keeps you accountable and gives you motivation. I like having lists and things written down to go back to a check off or to remember to do. Downsize and Declutter A few weeks ago I got home from Christmas shopping, and while I was out I bought an eye shadow palette for myself. I had wanted this palette for a long time, but when I…