• 2018 February Favorites

    2018 February Favorites

    February was the month of new beginnings for me! I’m so excited for what I have coming up. I won’t share it quite yet, but I’ll share an update in the future. With these life changes, I feel like I’ve started trying new beauty products, an updated gym split, and new foods that I’m excited to share with you. During February I rediscovered my love for makeup. I use to live and breathe makeup – all day, every day. Then I went through a period when I decluttered a ton of my makeup, including 75% of my lip stick collection. I also cleaned out the majority of my individual eye shadows, except…

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    February Favorites 2017 | Food, Fitness, Beauty

    February has come to a close and honestly I’m pretty happy about that. Even though February is the shortest month of the year, it kept me busy and stretched more than thin that I like to be. Because I was busy my list of favorites is on the shorter side, but what I have been loving are a part of my normal routine so they’re worth sharing. I spent the latter half of the month too fixated on my macros, so I took a few steps back to focus on what I truly want in regards to my fitness and nutrition. In March, I want to be at ease with my…

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    Favorite Products for Curly Hair

    I’m finding that people really love to know what products work well for fellow curlies – including myself – and I think it’s because curly hair is often forgotten about. Nowadays I’ve embraced my big, curly hair and do get a lot of compliments on it, but growing up it was never like that. Once I stopped fighting my hair and learned how to care for my curls with these amazing products I’ve truly come to really enjoy my hair. Sure I still have days when I’m not happy with it, but who doesn’t have a bad hair day. I would love to see more people embracing their waves and curls so I’m going to…