• At Home Quad Circuit

    At-Home Quad Circuit

    Ah, summer. You keep me so busy. I love summer and truly appreciate all that it offers given Minnesota’s polarizing seasons. But that doesn’t make my schedule during summer any less crazy. August has especially been very busy with summer coming to a closed, preparing for a vacation, and having a huge project at work I’ve had to be creative with some of my workouts. I started doing an at-home cardio circuit a few months back when Minnesota’s spring was teasing us and I’ve stuck with it pretty consistently. Now I’m getting creative with my lifts, including this at-home quad circuit, so I can make the most of the time.…

  • At-Home HIIT Circuit

    At-Home HIIT Circuit

    Recently, my knee had a flare up and I haven’t been able to do much cardio as I’d like. Since summer is on the way, I’m maintaining which usually includes at least one cardio session per week. If you’re new around here, you can read about my knee troubles here. After four weeks, I’m able to do squats and dead lifts again, but cardio stills tends irritate my knee because of the repetitive motion. I decided to get a little creative this past week and put together this at-home HIIT circuit I can easily do in my living room and that wouldn’t bother my knee. I also wanted a workout…

  • Fitness

    Cardio and Weight Training

    I’m very happy to say that I completed my first 5K this past weekend which was on my list of 2016 fitness goals! I was never a good runner in high school and only broke a 10-minute mile once, so having completed a 5K is quite the feat for me. I finished the entire thing in 27:25, averaging around an 8:45 mile. I also participated in a 1-mile sprint with work this past week and ran my best mile yet at 7:18.6. So many new PRs set this past week and I’m pretty proud of myself! Now that I’ve hit a few goals and been doing cardio for my cut the past…