• why i quit fast fashion

    Why I Quit Fast Fashion

    In my 2019 goals, I shared that I wanted to continue thrifting for second-hand items, rather than buying new. This came from a recent change I made at the end of 2018, which was quitting fast fashion. I briefly touched on this in the blog post, but I wanted to go into more details about why I quit fast fashion and share some resources to begin your journey.  I want to make it clear, that this is a very new journey to me and I’m not completely educated on the fashion industry. That’s why it is so important to do your own research and decide for yourself what your stance…

  • Beauty

    My Skin Care Routine

    My skin care routine is nothing ground breaking, but it works for me.  It’s also *fairly* simple compared to a lot that I have seen.  About half of the products I use are from the drugstore, about half high end including Clarisonic. During my high school years, I was pretty fortunate not to have too much acne, only hormonal breakouts.  When I got to college, I started getting some more serious acne along my jaw line. I went to a dermatologist and started using a prescription, but stopped using it when the product ran out.  Part of the reason I didn’t stick with it was because my skin was better and…