• Fit-Friendly Summer Drinks

    Fit-Friendly Summer Drinks

    There’s something about drinking a sweet iced cold drink in summer that is so satisfying. On cooler summer mornings I like bringing my laptop outside and enjoy a beverage in the backyard. Minnesota summers can get brutal fast though with high humidity and 90 degree days. On those days, I like having one of these drinks to keep cool and also stay on track with my macros. In summer, I tend to enjoy more time out with my friends and family taking in all summer has to offer. Sometimes I just enjoy the time, but most of the time I track my macros. All of these drinks are macro-friendly and low…

  • Recipes

    Easy Grilled Shrimp and Veggies | Recipe of the Week

    Memorial Day is this weekend and for many that means the beginning of summer and will spend the weekend at barbecues. The weather is looking a little rainy here this weekend, but if you’re lucky enough to have some nice barbecuing weather here’s an easy recipe to try. I’m not big into grilling and we don’t do it very often at out house. We have counter top griddle and grill that we use more just because it’s more convenient. Shrimp is perfect for adding protein to your daily macros since they’re loaded with it – it always surprises me because they can be so small once cooked. To grill the shrimp…