Spring Wish List

A new month and one month closer to Spring! I’ve started my new fitness routine plus the nutrition plan to go with it. I have a spring break booked for the first time in a years to Los Angeles to visit my friend who moved out there a few years ago. There’s also the upcoming Underoath reunion tour – the most excited I’ve been for a concert in years! Spring is looking good.

Woven Run Short • Old Navy | Now that it will be warming up I want to perform some of my workous outside, including running outdoors. Last fall was the first time I really ventured outdoors for my runs. I still prefer running on a treadmill if I’m looking for an intense workout, but nothing really beats a run on a cool morning. Even when it’s a little cooler outside, I prefer running shorts over athletic pants and this pair from Old Navy is super cute! I love the colorful band along the top.

Steve Madden Eleanorr Suede Lace-Up Flats • Steve Madden | Lace up shoes are super on trend right now, and I too want to jump on this bandwagon. This pair from Steve Madden is super appealing to me, partially because they’re flats so I would get a lot more wear out of them than a pair of heals. These shoes would definitely be an investment for me, so I’m a little cautious about getting them especially if they’ll only be in style for short period of time.

Nike ‘Pro Indy’ Dri-FIT Sports Bra • Nike  | I prefer sports bras that have thinner straps since they apply way less pressure than a traditional sports bra. I used to buy mine at Target, but they’ve since replaced a lot of their C9 line with sports bras that have cups in them, which I’m not a fan of. This Nike racerback sports bra is nearly the same as some that I already own and may have to go on a search for it at my local Nike store or Sports Authority.

Mesh-Panel Compression Leggings • Old Navy | More athletic clothes and an item totally on trend. I see girls all over the gym with mesh-paneled yoga pants and I’m all about. I’m not one that dresses “sexy” at the gym or reveals a lot of skin, but these leggings show just enough to catch the eye.

Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color Angora • Palladio | All aboard the matte lip train! I’m all about drugstore beauty brands coming out with liquid matte lip products and these have been all over Instagram. I’ve never really used Palladio products in the past, but I’ve heard decent things about the brand. Some Palladio products are sold at Ulta, but I think Sally’s Beauty Supply offers a larger range of products. I’d love to try these matte lippies out and compare them to the Milani liquid lip sticks, which I find to be a bit drying.

Selfie Stik Monopod | For my upcoming Los Angeles trip I thought a selfie stick and monopod that I could use on my phone and Canon Powershot would be good to pack in my luggage! When we traveled to San Francisco this past summer, I really wish we would have had one of these to take pictures of us together – I don’t really trust anyone to give them my phone to snap a quick pick. I think it’s becoming more of a norm for people to have these in public, though it’ll probably point me out as a tourist right away.

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