Spring Clothing Haul

I’m heading out to Los Angeles in a few weeks (I know, I can’t stop talking about it) and wanted to pick up some new clothes both for the trip and for work as the weather gets warmer. I’ve mentioned this before, but I only started my current job this past fall and it’s the first time I’ve had to rock business casual five days a week. I’m still working on getting pieces in my closet that work for both business casual and play, and that includes a few shopping trips now and then. Usually, I would just purchase new clothes online, but all my previous purchases from the Old Navy petite section have turned up wrong. I’ve had to return everything so I resorted to good old fashioned shopping at the mall.

We took two trips to the mall last week and during our first trip I purchased these Report sandals from DSW. I purchased these to replace my go-to slip on sandals I finally had to toss after visiting San Francisco last summer. I wanted a new pair of shoes that would comfortable to walk in without having to worry about blisters that will also be good for warm weather – aka sandals. I think these will be great with jeans or dresses, dressing up or down, and I might even be able to pull these off at work. The sandals were $30 and I’ll be breaking them in around the house before my trip to warmer weather.

Report Shoes watermark

I stopped in H&M for the first time in a while, and found some surprising finds. I was just talking with a coworker about how I hadn’t been into a lot of the pieces from H&M recently, and she even complimented me on one of my purchases at work Monday! The first piece was this glittery skirt that I snagged up for $7. It’s a little flashy for everyday but how perfect for LA! This skirt will be great for a night out with a denim top, scarf, and my new sandals.

hm glitter skirt

I also purchased two sleeveless blouses that will be good for work and play – these ones. The tops are a lighter chiffon material that will go perfectly with a cardigan or denim jacket. One blouse has an aztec print with reds and blues, and the other is bright jade that will compliment my skin color. I’m big into layering since I tend to get cold or hot easily – there is no happy medium. These tops are a sheer material that allows breathing room and movement, and perfect for under a thicker cardigan.

h&m blouses

Finally, I stopped in Old Navy – I couldn’t resist despite not having great luck there recently.  I ended up getting two items – this fitted tee dress which I already own in a few colors and this pair of semi-fitted athletic shorts. These are the same shorts that I had in my Spring Wish List post. I wore these to the gym the same night and I really like them! They tighter around the waist but still have some looseness around my quads for running. The dress surprisingly fits well for not being a petite cut. I think I like that it’s a little looser than I would have gotten in a petite cut; it makes it more casual wear. I’ll probably throw my denim jacket over top and call it an outfit!

Old Navy tee dress

A few weeks ago at Target I picked up new sunglasses and these cute pair of casual shorts.  I also bought the case from Amazon. I love the gold detail along the side of the sunglasses, plus they match my every day purse. My purse doesn’t have a spot for my sunglasses to be safely housed and I want to maintain the quality of them for as long as I can.

Thanks for reading!

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