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I’m back with another spring cleaning post, this one came from cleaning out my makeup and shopping through my current collection for some new goodies. I’ve picked out some old favorites that will be flattering during the spring and for work. Most of these products are neutral and easy to wear, with a few exceptions. A year ago that would have been really boring to me, but I’ve found a level of comfort with makeup staples that I can use to quickly get ready for work in the early morning hours.

To always encourage myself to recycle out products I’m no longer using, I keep a small bin on the floor next to my vanity that I can toss products in while digging through my drawers. When I actively start decluttering my makeup collection, I tend to get rid of a lot of lip products. I struggle to wear lip products, especially during the work week, so I don’t have a need for a huge collection of lip stick. Lip gloss or stains would be more ideal for me since I’m in an office most days, but I just don’t prefer those formulas; if I’m going to wear a lip product I want it to have some punch! Because of this, I not only declutter lip products a lot, but I rarely buy them anymore.

This time around, I also threw out, or will be passing along to friends, the product samples that I receive as gifts with purchase. There’s some products I get with purchases that are just not for and there’s no point in keeping them just because they were free. I’m also decluttering eye shadows palettes I not longer use or that are not good quality.


Sigma BlushesThis might be a surprising product in the mix, but Sigma’s blushes really are pretty great. I’ve always liked them for their color payoff, blendablility, and lasting power. Recently, I dug the shade Cheeky out of my drawer and it’s been a perfect coral for work in the spring weather. I also really enjoy the shade Serene which is a natural flush color, perfect for any time of the year. The shade range also has colors that act as a bronzer, Mellow, and a highlight, Peaceful.

Sigma Blushes
Peaceful, Mellow, Cheeky, Serene

 The downer part here, is that Sigma is mostly available online only. You can buy it in some stores, or if you live in Minnesota the Sigma store is at the Mall of America. These are worth checking out if they’re readily available to you!

Milani – LuminosoThis is an oldie but a goodie. I was going through my blush drawer and just had to pull it out. This is definitely a jem from the drugstore and a jem of a blush. It’s a glowing coral shade that’s hard for anyone to overdue and looks great on nearly all skin tones. There used to be a time when Milani was hard to get your hands on, but now the brand is widely available at CVS, Target, and some Walgreens.

Lorac Pro PaletteThe Lorac Pro Palette is on the top of most beauty lover’s top palette’s list except for mine. I purchased the Lorac Pro Palette because of all the hype surrounding it, and I was sadly let down. I loved the idea of this palette, one row matte and one row shimmer, of neutrals shades ideal for everyday. When I finally used the shadows, I was kind of surprised that they were so powdery and would away if I blended at them too much.

Lorac Pro

I decided to dig out this palette given the neutral, everyday shades which made wearing it easy for work. Over the past week, I’ve been surprised at how much I’m enjoying it for work days. The browns are perfect for a day time smokey eye that I’ve been rocking with my spring wardrobe. There’s a few pops of color in this palette if you absolutely can’t stay all neutral, but they’re still colors that could work in an office setting.

Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio – Screen ShotThis is generally a product I save for fall because of the warm shades, but it’s also a product I genuinely love. Who says you always have to follow seasonal rules? This is a handy eyes shadow trio for work because it has the basic three shades needed for a look: a matte neutral, shimmer mid tone, dark defining color that can also be used a liner.

Spring Eyeshadows

– Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow – Dolci (LE) | This shade was limited edition from their Dolci spring collection last spring. This is not the only limited edition product I love from that collection last year; I’ve mentioned the bronzer on my blog multiple times. Anyways, this shade is beautiful rose gold shade with a lot of shimmer. This shades shows up more true to color when applied over a sticky base. This would be great for a day at the beach or for a summer vacation.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – HoneyI brought this Los Angeles in my travel makeup bag because it’s simple and easy to wear. Since I got back, I dropped this into my handbag and it’s been my go-to for work.

Spring Lippies

Cover Girl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm – Shade 2333 | Another jumbo lip balm that easy to apply, this one not a lip stain. I searched the internet however and I think this shade has been discontinued. How could I ever figured that out since there’s no shade names on the packaging, only numbers. Anyways this is nice coral shade, perfect for spring, that I can keep in my hand bag for a quick pop of  color. Being at work doesn’t mean I always have to wear neutral shades.


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