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Reviews | New Beauty Products | Spring 2016

Many new spring product releases are out and they’ve been all over social media. I bought quite a few new products at the end of January and I’ve been testing them out and my thoughts are in!

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC CreamThis item was on my February Wish List post from a few weeks ago and I went ahead and got it! I wanted to purchase this to use in place of my foundation during the work week. I don’t need to wear full foundation while I’m at work, but I also like to have enough coverage for the redness around my nose and any discoloration. For a while, I’ve stuck to wearing full coverage foundations even for day-to-day wear because I found that they had the best lasting power. I want a foundation or tinted moisturizer that will hold up throughout the day – I don’t like shine.  My skin had finally settled from it’s oily phase and I felt like I could get away with a tinted moisturizer again.


After doing a color match at Ulta, I opted for the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better in the shade Medium.  The packaging on this is great – the product is in a squeeze tube container, but there’s a pump on the nozzle to get product out. The scent is a little heavy for my liking, kind of a citrus scent, that I could do without. The first few times I used this product, I was sad to see shine and oily breaking through on my T-zone. Some reviews of this product said that despite being a CC cream/tinted moisturizer product, the product didn’t leave as many people oily. I gave it a few more tries over the course of two weeks, but shine continue peeking through even when I used a primer. Sadly this product didn’t work out for me and I had a lot of hopes for it. I’m going to keep searching for a light weight foundation or tinted moisturizer I can use for work that will keep the shine away.

Tresemme Botanique Nourish and Replenish Conditioner The same week that I posted my favorite products for curly hair, Tresemme came out with this new hair line in place of the their Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner. I found a few reviews of the new Botanique line from other curlies, and heard good things so I went for it. I purchased mine at Walmart for $5.99 and it was in-line with the rest of the Tresemme products.


I’ll get right to the point here – I’m so disappointed in this conditioner compared to the previous product I was using. I really wanted to love this new conditioner because I wanted to continue using a conditioner that is readily available to me and at a reasonable price, since I go through it quickly. Despite being a silicone-free conditioner with a thick consistency, it lacked the detangling feature I was used to in the previous line and it also weighed down my curl. When I was finally able to get my hair detangled and styled, my curls were undefined and frizzy. To be fair, I only used the product three times, but I was so disappointed in how my hair turned out that I wrote it off. I went to Amazon and purchased as many back-ups of the Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner that I could within a reasonable price. I’ll keep the conditioner for co-washing, but I won’t be using for conditioning and detangling.

Essence Blush Up! Powder Ombre Blusher Heat Wave I was so excited to see that Essence had moved into Target in the U.S., and I was even more excited to see that Target was offering different products than Ulta. I saw their ombre blushes were available in two shades, Heat Wave and Pinky Flow. I purchased Heat Wave since corals are more flattering than pink s on my skin color.



I was really expecting the product to be very pigmented, since the color comes off as a nearly matte fluorescent red-orange in the pan. While the blush is pigmented, it shows up on my skin as light coral shade with a bit of glow. This will be a great color in the spring and summer months for me! If you’re strolling through your local Target and see these blushes, check them out. The product itself is really great and the ombre finish makes it even better.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream RomeI already loved the formula of these since I had purchased the shade Cannes a few months back and I wanted to buy more. I was stocking up on skin care on and added a few of these to my cart. Sadly, two of the shades I purchased didn’t flatter my skin, but I was able to keep Rome. I really love this shade, and the formula on this shade is even creamier than Cannes. At first, I thought Rome was going to appear as a plum shade, but I was surprised at how natural looking it came off on me. The color is slightly darker than my natural lip color and acts as almost a My Lips But Better color, which I prefer for everyday work days.


nyx rome swatchwatermark
Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream Rome swatched

On top of the color, I want to say again how great the formula is on these. The product is a whipped, creamy formula that sets matte, but it doesn’t dry out my lips. As I’m eating and drinking throughout the day, I do need to reapply but it easily goes over the first layer without any tugging or streaks. I’m really happy with this color and I can see it staying in my purse year round! Next time I go to purchase these, I’m going to do it in store so I can see the true colors in person – would still love more!

Wet N Wild MegaGlo Contouring PalettesThese palettes have had so much hype around them, since they were originally released as limited edition. I didn’t pick them up the first time around simply because I couldn’t get my hands on them. I found these in line with the other Wet N Wild products at Target and bought both colors without hesitation. Dulce de Leche’s contour shade is the lighter of the two, with a creamy colored highlight shade while Caramel Toffee’s contour shade is deeper with a banana colored highlight.


While these had a lot of hype around them, personally I was not impressed. First, I don’t think the shades are that great. Dulce de Leche contour shade doesn’t show up on my light-medium skin tone, and when I try to build it up the product blends away. Caramel Toffee’s contour shade does show up on me, but the color leans more warm which I prefer for bronzing not a contour. Catch here is, I don’t like to bronze with matte shades, but shades than are a satin finish. The highlighting shades are both very nice – I’ve been using cream shade in Dulce de Leche to set primer on my eyelids and the banana shade in Caramel Toffee did work for setting concealer under my eyes. Finally, while the consistency of the powder is a super blendable, creamy texture, it’s almost too powdery. I find that a lot of product gets kicked up when I dip my brush into it. I really wanted to love these after all the hype, but sadly these just didn’t work out for me.

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