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My Travel Bucket List

Over the past few years I’ve become a bit of a wanderlust. I took a few vacations growing up, but I’ve never really explored outside of my comfort zone. I spent a few vacations in Colorado when visiting family, went to Ireland for my high school’s band trip, and visited the Bahamas on a cruise – that’s about it. My first vacation in years was to Iceland back in January 2015 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Since then I’ve been lucky enough travel to San Francisco, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and various road trips. But I want more!

I’ve always had a list of places I’ve wanted to travel to, and recently I’ve been looking into destinations on my list. In particular, I’ve been looking into destinations that I can travel to possibly alone. During college, myself and others of the student body are encouraged to take that time in their lives to travel abroad – whether to learn a new language or just grow as a person. Personally, I’m not upset that I didn’t take the time to travel when I was in college, because honestly I don’t think I was mature enough for it – I wouldn’t trust 20-year-old me to travel out of the country alone. I’ve grown a lot in the past two to three years, and feel a lot more confident in myself overall to do solo traveling. If it’s an option, I’d rather travel with at least one other person, but timing and life doesn’t always work the way you want it to.

My Travel Bucket List

Niagara Falls | This was the first place that came to mind as a place I could travel to solo – it’s a touristy location with a lot of people, within the country so I don’t have to worry about a language barrier, and it leaves a lot of options for activities such as hiking.

Toronto | I traveled through Toronto on a connection to Iceland and to be honest it wasn’t my best experience, but I’m willing to give the actual city a change to redeem itself – seriously Toronto Pearson Airport was madness. Anyways, after having such an awesome experience in Vancouver with the people, transportation, and site seeing I want to see the opposite side of Canada and what it has to offer. As for things to do in the city, there’s the CN Tower which has the 360 Restaurant that has a nearly 360 degree view of Downtown Toronto and the Hockey Hall of Fame which I’d have to visit given that I’m Minnesotan. I could possibly lump together Niagara Falls and Toronto for a bit of longer trip.

Maine I would love to visit Maine, or the northeastern US coast, during the fall time. I feel like all the best autumn pictures come from that region and fall being my favorite time of year, it would be a dream. I love spending time outdoors in the fall, bundled up in a flannel and beanie. I think I would enjoy traveling to Maine and getting a bed & breakfast that I could get write at during the days and then travel into to town for a night out. The kicker here is the price to travel to Maine. I looked up the prices and flight are nearly $500 round trip to travel there in the fall. I’m sure it’s because of their beautiful fall season, but I’m not sure I’m ready to spend that much on a short trip.

Australia & New Zealand | I lumped these two destinations together because of their proximity and because I would visit both given the timing. Australia has always fascinated me. When I was growing up I watched The Crocodile Hunter on the Discovery Channel and it always made me want to visit the zoo Steve Irwin and his family worked at, and as I got older I discovered a lot of good bands and music come from down under – Parkway Drive and The Amity Affliction to name a few. Now one of our very good friends is going to medical school in Brisbane and I think visiting him would make for a priceless vacation.

While visiting Australia, I would absolutely insists on hopping over to New Zealand – how can you not! One of the biggest attractions during this vacation would definitely be visiting the Lord of the Rings sets – total tourist and nerd I know. I loved Lord of the Rings the first time I watched it with my mom, and since then I’ve wanted to visit New Zealand where it was filmed.

Spain | I’ve only recently became interested in visiting Spain because of a few vlogs I’ve been watching and it looks amazing! If I’m going to travel to Europe and have a resort and relax vacation, this is the spot I would pick. I’m sure their country side is beautiful and worth the visit as well, but I would have no problem lounging next to the ocean with a glass of wine soaking up the sun for a week.

France | I took French in both high school and college so naturally I have France on my bucket list of places to visit. I don’t know a lot about French history or culture, but given the fact that I spent so many years practicing my french I cannot pass up the opportunity to learn about it. Honestly, I would love to visit the country side or south of France, rather than spend a lot of time in say, Paris. I’m sure Paris is lovely and a visit to France isn’t complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower, but I’m sure I’d learn more and feel more cultured outside of a big city.

London | Right behind visiting Niagara Falls solo is London. I feel like this I would be able to conquer the UK while solo without feeling the pressure of a language barrier or like I’m in a foreign country. I’d probaby stay within the city limits and in a hostel to meet new people, and check all of the typical tourist spots like London Bridge, Big Ben, and Abbey Road

I wouldn’t spend all of my time in the big city if I were to visit London. The iconic Stonehenge is about two hours outside of the metropolitan area and it would give me time to see a bit of Great Britain’s country side. While outside of the city I would of course love to do some hiking on local trails and terrain.

Costa Rica | I don’t have anything against visiting Mexico, but I feel like so many people have done that and I kind of want something different. If I go to Latin America, I would definitely be booking a nicer hotel or even a resort for my stay, but I’d also want to have the freedom to do whatever extra curricular activities I wanted and not always be confined to the resort.

Las Vegas | This is on the list to more a less, say I’ve been there, done that. And it would make for a fun weekend away with a few girl friends.

Other destinations on my list:

  • Hawaii
  • Turks and Caicos
  • Alaska
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • Japan

There’s a lot of places outside the US here and not because I wouldn’t want to visit other cities and states in the US, but part of the beauty of traveling is getting to experience other cultures, foods, and languages – getting outside of your comfort zone. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get the courage to one day road trip across the United States for a few weeks, sleep out of the back of a car or camp, but I’m more frightened of that than traveling abroad.

So where would you go given the chance to go anywhere in the world?

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