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my natural deodorant recommendations

About a year ago, I shared that I had switched to using a natural deodorant in lieu of an antiperspirant. Well, that only lasted until that one product ran out. So I switched back and got used to the sweat-free life again. After some more consideration, I decided that switching to a natural deodorant is only going to benefit my health and my future self.

Natural deodorants have become more popular over the past several years due to the possible side effects of using aluminium-based antiperspirants. For me, making the switch came down to the aluminum being a possible hormone disruptor, which I’m uncomfortable with as it can impact fertility and your overall health. In addition, I’ve also done my best to eliminate products include parabens and phthalates, and foods with processed soy, which may also be hormone disruptors. I recommend doing your own research to make the best informed decision for you and your health.

If you have never used a natural deodorant before, there’s a few things to be aware of. First, you’re going to sweat. The reason that many people use aluminium-based antiperspirant is because the aluminum stops the sweat glands from releasing the sweat. Sweating is natural and is our body’s way to cool us down. Most people think that the sweat is what gives off BO, however that’s not the case. It’s the sweat mixing with bacteria on our skin that causes the odor. Natural deodorants are there to help with odor and some have ingredients that help naturally detoxify the area. See below for a few tips that may help with the odor during the switch to natural deodorant.

Since I decided to make the switch again, I’ve been trying many natural deodorants on the market, trying to find one that works for me. And I’m not going to lie, this journey has been a bit miserable at times. The decision to switch was truly for my health, so I’ve had to learn to be accepting of the fact that I’m going to sweat. For me, and I’m guessing most folks, this is hard since most of us sweat at some point during the day and are usually working making a bit uncomfortable. It’s also hard for me to reapply during the workday. I work in an open concept office, so privacy is not really a thing.

At this point, I have a well-rounded idea of many options to share with a few that I recommend. I’m hoping that sharing my journey and recommendations helps others during their transition to natural deodorants.

Before jumping into the reviews, I want to share a few tips that have helped me along during switch.

Personal Care Routine

Like I said above, body odor comes from sweat mixing with bacteria on the skin. Naturally, that means keeping the area clean will help with any unpleasant odor you may experience when sweating.

It’s weird to recommend an in-depth personal care routine, because I’m guessing most of us take showers daily. However, now that I’m using natural products I find that I have to do things in a specific order and simply be attentive during my routine.

If I’m going to shave my armpits, I will make sure to do as far in advance of when I need to apply deodorant. Many natural deodorants, including my favorite one, advise against applying directly after shaving. I also make sure to really pay attention to cleaning my underarms. Again, this is isn’t something that I’ve neglected in the past, but taking an extra minute or two to double cleanse has really helped.

Body Powder

My mom used to use body powder and I remember thinking it was weird. Lotion? Sure – I’m on board. But loose powder on your skin? Nope – don’t get it.

I did some quick Google searching, and found that some people like using powder either alone to soak up sweat or in addition to deodorant. Similar to setting foundation or concealer, you can set your deodorant to help it last longer throughout the day. Personally, I’ve been using body powder in the evenings after a workout and shower. For me, it helps with any sweating or odor I experience while sleeping.

If you do give body powder a try, I recommend a talc-free powder for the same reasons of eliminating aluminum-based deodorants. I’m using the Burt’s Bees Dusting Powder, which is usually with the Burt’s Bees baby products at most health foods stores and Target.

Let’s get into the reviews:

My Natural Deodorant Recommendations

Schmidt’s Charcoal Magnesium
Schmidt's Charcoal + Magnesium

After raving about Schmidt’s last summer, I went back to the brand trying this version with charcoal. Charcoal in any deodorant is going to have a natural detoxifying effect to it keeping the BO away. Just like last summer, I’m happy to say this product has lived up to the hype! It smells great and lasts all day, even through high-stressed worked presentations or speeches.

The scent is interesting, and I’m not sure I’ll even be able to describe it. It’s slightly floral, but fresh at the same time. I would says it’s also neutral scented – Jake and I have both been enjoying it. The color is slightly darker than most stick deodorants (a charcoal color as the name suggests), and goes on very light. I have noticed some staining on my clothes when it’s been very hot and I’m doing a lot of sweating, so I would avoid using it with very light colored clothing.

On a normal day around house or running errands, applying once does the trick. If I’m hitting the gym after work, I’ll re-apply a small amount to get through an hour of intense sweating. Overall, I reapply this product the least number of times compared to the other products. I highly recommend this option and it tops my list!

Yes to Charcoal Detoxifying Lavender Deodorant
Yes to Charcoal Lavender

I purchased this deodorant specifically to use with a dark blue dress I was wearing to a friend’s wedding back in June. Since the majority of natural deodorants are white solids, I wanted something that would go on clear. And keep me fresh while dancing the night away of course.

First of all the scent is AMAZING. I don’t know when I became a fan of lavender, but I can’t get enough of it. Personally, I love the way this product applies, which is smooth and clear. This product does apply more wet than other natural deodorants because of it’s consistency, which some reviews mention is a pain-point.

In terms of lasting power, it lasts most of the day in a normal environment. The exception to this is doesn’t not last through a workout – I would opt for the Schmidt’s for the gym. If I use this product for a workday, I will throw it in my bag just in case for reapplication, but usually I don’t grab for it.

If you have sensitive skin, I would be a bit cautious with this product. When I first used it, I did have an irritation to my skin within 24 hours of application. My underarms were visibly red, however did not hurt to the touch. This happened again about a week later, but because I was happy with the other results I tried again. Third time’s a charm. Again, I think the key is to avoid applying right after shaving or deep cleansing.

Since switching when I apply this product, I haven’t had any irritation and I love the scent for summer. Overall, I recommend this deodorant and would purchase again. There’s also Tea Tree scented version if lavender isn’t your favorite scent.

Native Coconut Vanilla
Native Deodorant Coconut Vanilla

Native is one of the more popular natural deodorant brands and is readily available at most Target stores. I purchased the travel size back in spring for our trip to Mexico to throw in my beach bag for quick application ocean side. Overall, I enjoy this deodorant and would recommend checking it out, especially if you love having many scent options to choose from.

First, the scent is amazing! It really does smell like something you would want for a beach vacation. For me, I do need to reapply this deodorant at least once during the day, especially if I’m working out or sweating. So in Mexico, I would apply in the morning then again around noon while at the beach. Since I have the travel version, I keep this in my purse or gym bag for quick application, which I find it’s perfect for.

The downside to this product is the consistency. It’s almost too creamy, especially if it’s in a more humid climate. It can apply a little messy in my opinion, and it easily transfers clothes more so than others I’ve tried. A few things to be aware of, but I still recommend it and would purchase the travel size again.

If you’re making the switch to natural deodorants and have any recommendations, let me know what’s worked for you! I love all three of these products, but I’m open to trying others if they work.

Like I said this journey has not been the easiest, but I’m happy I’m doing it for my health. Thanks for reading!

My Natural Deodorant Recommendations

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