My Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes

My top three eye shadow palettes in my collection come down to their quality and versatility. For me the two biggest factors in finding a perfect palette is if I can make a look out of it and if I’m able to travel with it. I’ve traveled with all of these palettes in the past year and they’re easy to work with when in morning when I’m getting ready for work. I know a lot of people are really into matte eye shadows and looks right now, but I haven’t been able to get into the trend. I enjoy having a variety of eye shadow textures in my palettes including a few good mattes for transition shades.

Stila In The Light Eye Shadow Palette | This is my favorite palette out of all in my collection. Sadly, this palette has been discontinued, but you can still find it on some sites and I’ve even seen it in Nordstrom Rack. I bought this palette when it was on sale last year just in time to bring it to Iceland with me. This palette has everything you need for a full range of looks – simple, bold, going out, date nights. The packaging is cardboard with a large mirror, however the mirror does not stand up on its own. The palette also comes with Stila’s Smudge Stick in Damsel, an awesome bonus if you ask me.

There’s a total of ten eye shadows in this palette, four are matte. While I love this palette and would recommend purchasing, there is a dud shadow – Gilded Gold. For some reason it won’t come off with a lot of pigment and it blends away when I try to work with it. All the other shadows have great color and blend out really nice. This palette contains Stila’s famous Kitten eye shadow which has a cult following, but I personally love Sunset which is a copper, rose gold color. I love using Sandstone and Luster to create a quick smokey eye, and Ebony is great for an eye liner.

Tarte Showstopper Clay PaletteThis is great palette not only for eye shadows and all the looks I can get out of it, but it also has a bronzer, blush, and highlight. If you’re traveling only with a carry on, any space you save is crucial and having some face products in a palette are ideal. I brought this palette to San Francisco last summer and used it the whole summer. The palette is compact, has a large mirror, and the mirror stands up on its own. The outside packaging is gold and has a purple snake skin print on it.

This is the perfect spring and summer palette. There are six bronzy leaning eye shadows, including two matte ones – one transition, one dark. The bronzer is Tarte’s Park Avenue Princess and a champagne pink highlight. This palette also comes with a full size Amazonian Clay Blush in Fame. These blushes are $28 by themselves, and the palette is $40. That right there make the palette worth the buy!

Kat Von D Monarch Eye Shadow PaletteWhile everyone was going crazy over the Shade and Light eye palette this year, I was loving the Monarch palette, perfect for the fall. I traveled with this palette up to the North Shore during our little road trip in October. The packaging is a thick cardboard with a beautiful monarch butterfly design, has a good sized mirror, but the mirror doesn’t stand up on it’s own.

There are three larger eye shadows, two matte, that are perfect for all over lid colors or brow bone highlighting. There is one matte transition color, but it’s a little close to skin color for me to use alone. I love the shades Wrath which is warm orange, Papilio which is a dark bronze – perfect for a smokey, and the matte brown and black are awesome for eye liners. Now that I’ve tried Kat Von D’s eye shadows I can see what all the hype is about and at some point I’ll be picking up the Shade and Light Eye Shadow palette.

Hope you check some of these palettes out! Thanks for reading!

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