Mid-Year Check In | 2016 Goals

A lot of people make New Year’s Resolutions for themselves at the turn of year, but I rarely hear anyone talking about their previous year’s resolutions and if they achieved them. Maybe some just forget what their resolutions were or maybe they aren’t looking to reflect on the past, but I enjoy looking back at goals I set for myself to see what I achieved and I what I can continue to improve upon.

Lucky for me, I blogged all about my New Year’s Resolutions and My 2016 Fitness Goals, and I wanted to see how I’m doing so far now that nearly half the year is already over. I’m always amazed at how quickly time goes by, especially ever since I started working full time. Sometimes it’s good to take time to reflect on yourself and stop worrying about work or others around you.

Be more creative.
Starting my blog was my outlet for being creative, and I think I’ve achieved that so far. I’m keeping up with writing and sharing new ideas. Having and ongoing Recipe of the Week means being more creative with my foods choices and meals.

Keep traveling.
In April I traveled to Los Angeles. This month I’m heading to Duluth and Vancouver. I’m hoping to squeeze in one more trip near the end of year, even if it’s a quick road trip out of  town.

Run a 5K 
I hit this goal at the beginning of May on probably the coldest mornings of the spring. It wasn’t even 40 degrees, but I got out and ran a 5K with my dad’s company in 27:25. I blogged about it and my opinion on cardio a few weeks ago – check it out here.

Lift 200
Another goal I hit – dead lift PR is now at 215 pounds. I can’t even believe someone as small as me is that strong. What’s even funnier is that I pulled 215 by accident when I miscalculated the weight. Oops!

Incorporating a jump rope
This is a goal that I’ve worked towards, but I haven’t quite achieved it. I’ve done a kettle bell and jump routine in the garage when I’ve been short on time for a workout or didn’t feel like going to the gym, but it’s not my favorite exercise.

Continue to improve and grow.
While it’s not related to my personal life, I’m improving and growing in my work life. I’ve mentioned a few times, but I started a new job about six months ago and I can see how it’s improved my over happiness and lookout of the future.

The other goals on my list that I’m working towards like mustering up the courage to squat Jake and getting my tattoo. I would love to get a tattoo while on I’m on my upcoming vacation to Vancouver, but I cannot think of what would represent my traveling at this point in my life.

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