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Meal Prep Sunday | Week of 6.26.16

Here’s another quick meal prep Sunday that I made the week we got home from our Vancouver trip – read about our trip here! I made it a point to eat healthy my first week back since I ate everything I wanted while on vacation – macros don’t count on vacation. For last week’s meal prep, I stuck to basics and what I knew would fit my macros best for the week, and also tried one new recipe.

Salmon Fillets

This is my go to meal prep if I’m looking for good, healthy macros. I like to buy the salmon fillets from Costco, which are six to eight ounces each, and then I cut them in half to make about a four ounce salmon fillet. I’ll make six or eight servings of salmon, and freeze the servings I don’t plan to eat during the week. The servings I plan to eat throughout the week, I store in the fridge and when I pack them for lunch I add frozen broccoli on the size along with a healthy carb. The picture isn’t that exciting because like I said, I don’t like to pack the veggies or carbs until the night before eating them, but you get the idea here.


I like cooking salmon fillets on a baking pan lined with aluminum foil to make cleanup easier. I spray the foil, add the salmon then top them with some lemon juice, lemon pepper seasoning, and dill. Wrap up the foil and bake the salmon at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. At about 12 minutes I like to unwrap the foil and cook for another few minutes until fully cooked. I let the salmon cool for a few minutes before adding them into my favorite Easy Lunchboxes.

Chickpea Salad 

chickpea salad

I shared this recipe this past week for Recipe of the Week – read the full recipe here. It’s a super simple meal to make and it stays in the fridge for the week. I had mine with a Flatout Wrap and with romaine lettuce for a lower carb dinner option. For this recipe, I added avocado to the mix on the day I was eating it to keep everything more fresh, but feel free to add the avocado during the prep if that’s easier. This is a great alternative to tuna salad if you don’t like it or you’re a vegetarian looking for a quick salad sandwhich. The next time I make this, I think I’ll skip the celery and just stick to the avocado.

Cottage Cheese and Egg Salad

Cottage Cheese and Egg Salad

I’ve shared this recipe on my blog in the past and it’s easy to make with some good macros. I like to add fruit and crackers on the side of this meal for a little something extra. All that’s needed for this is two servings of cottage cheese and five hard boiled eggs. Chop the eggs and mix everything together, add in your favorite seasoning for a little extra flavor. This is definitely a recipe that is best when eaten in the same week it’s made or is easy to whip up for dinner during a busy work week.

Super quick post – thanks for reading!

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