Looking Forward | 2017 Goals

Last year I put my New Year’s Resolutions out there to keep myself accountable and this year I’m doing it again. This year’s goals are more in-depth than last years and also I’m not making quite as many for myself. Having goals is important because it keeps you accountable and gives you motivation. I like having lists and things written down to go back to a check off or to remember to do.

Downsize and Declutter

A few weeks ago I got home from Christmas shopping, and while I was out I bought an eye shadow palette for myself. I had wanted this palette for a long time, but when I went to put it away in my collection I realized I needed to downsize everything. I have so much makeup in my collection that I don’t touch because I don’t like anymore, it’s just old, or it’s just plain out of sight out of mind. That night, I cleaned out 75% of my lip products and good amount of eyeshadows, foundations, and powders I wasn’t using. The ultimately goal in the next few months is to downsize the collection even further and even get a smaller vanity – I’m thinking this one from Ikea which is a size down from what I have now. I sill love makeup, but nowadays I’m focused on wearable, everyday looks for work and not so much drama as I used to be into.

I’d also like to downsize the amount of clothing I have. Once upon a time, I didn’t work business casual and I could wear whatever I wanted to work. Those days are far behind me, and when I’m not at work I’m usually in workout clothes at the gym or lounging on my couch watching Netflix. It’s about time that I go through my clothes and get rid of anything that is not flattering or that is outdated for my age. I’ll hold onto a few favorites for vacations or the occasional night out, but my style has grown up a lot in the past year and I can afford to donate the other items.

Bikini Competition

I am absolutely beyond scared to even put this on my goals for 2017, because to be honest I haven’t even committed to it 100%, but I’m considering a bikini bodybuilding competition next year. 2016 was a year of growth for me in regards to my fitness, and I was kind of all over the place. I considered powerlifting because I love strength training and I’m pretty good at it, but when I turned 27 this past November I realized there were items on my list of fitness goals that I hadn’t reached and I want to do that. I know that a bikini competition is more than just looking good, because to be honest you’re only stage ready for the day. This is about challenging myself to learn new exercises and techniques, and continue challenging my fitness goals. Doing a bikini competition is going on the list, but it may not be until late summer or fall when I make the leap.

House Updates 

I’m so happy and absolutely fortunate to be in the living situation that I’m in, and I love it (besides the shoveling snow part). That being said, there’s a lot of things around the house that need updating that I’d like to take on this year. One being to paint the walls throughout the house, which shouldn’t take a lot of time seeing as our house isn’t very large. It is however a bit of challenge finding paint that we can agree on. I’d also like to update the living room carpet (again not that large) and work on updating the decor.

Workout Clothing Overhaul

I definitely want to downsize the amount of clothing I currently own, but I also want to invest in some new workout clothes. I’ve had of my current athletic apparel for a few years, and I’ve been buying what’s the most affordable and not necessarily the best quality. Now that I’m taking my training in a new direction and I’m more confident in my appearance, I want to add pieces to my workout gear that are more flattering to my body and a better quality. No lady should be wearing leggings that aren’t squat-proof.

Be more confident. 

While I have a pretty high level of confidence in my physical appearance and the person that I am, I really want to be more confident in my decisions. I often find myself questioning my decisions or asking another person for their opinion, and that’s something I’d really like to work on.

Continue to grow my brand. 

For a most of spring and summer, I was on top of my blog posts and sharing everything on my Instagram and I saw a lot in return for that. During fall, I kind of fell off the ball and I want to turn that around. I want to focus on my blogging my fitness milestone throughout the year, continue sharing macro-friendly recipes, and share how I find happiness in wellness and life. I’m thinking about putting together a short e-book of the recipes I’ve created over the past year for those looking to add variety to their meals during the New Year. I want to make sure I’m being steady with everything I’m sharing to continue growing my blog and social media.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year! As we close out 2016, look back on the things that made you happy this past year and also what learned along the way. Take that into 2017 and make it another great year!

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