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life update | summer 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve had a new blog post or shared really any sort of update. The simple explanation is that I have been busy with real life. Not only do I have work to keep up on, but since it’s summer the social calendar is a bit out of control.

Summer time in Minnesota is very short, and weekends are often filled with plans before June even starts. This was definitely the case with us! One of our very good friends’ wedding was in June, which took up a weekend.

Then of course we have our own wedding planning that is taking up the majority of our free time. July is full of showers and August with bachelor/bachelorette parties, so there’s no time to waste! We spend every open weekend prepping the land for the wedding – we’re hosting at Jake’s mom’s house in the country so there is a lot of mowing to be done. Additionally, almost everything for the wedding is either DIY’d, secondhand, or up-cycled. This means I have to work a little bit harder to find what I’m looking for to fit our theme.

Oh and there’s the writing of the vows of course!

One of my most recent posts talked about my upcoming wrist surgery, which I had and it went great! My recovery time was much fast than I had anticipated and I was back to lifting before I knew it. I’ve been doing pretty well at getting to the gym consistently to maintain through to the wedding. I’m still lifting four days per week, and I’ll be upping my cardio to twice per week for the next few months.

I’ve also been busy decluttering my closet and reselling the items online. This may not sound like much if you’re selling an item here and there, but I recently switched from selling exclusively on Poshmark to eBay. I am honestly shocked at how quickly some of my items have been selling, since they were sitting on Poshmark for months without any likes. I’m not making as much on eBay as I would on Poshmark and it takes a bit more work to ship the items, however my items weren’t selling on Poshmark anyway so it’s been worth it. I’m so happy that the clothes that no longer fit my style or fit me are going to new homes!

I’m going to do my best to keep up on my blog and keep sharing life updates, beauty products I’m loving, thrifiting and clothing favorites, and more! Life is just a little crazy right now.

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