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I recently received my second VoxBox from Influenster*, a website for bloggers and social media users. Basically you sign up for the site (free to anyone, not just bloggers and YouTubers) and based on your social media impact and preferences, the company sends you different products to try. I received my first one of these boxes around Christmas, shortly after I signed up for the site. In that box I received mostly makeup and a few other odds and ends. I’m happy to report that this time around I received products geared more towards a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and a few skin care items. I posted an update a while back explaining how I felt my blog would be going more in the direction of fitness and lifestyle, so I’m happy that Influenster made the updates to my profile.

I was sent quite a few snacks and one fitness item that I think stills fits into the snacks category. I’m not going to review everything that came in the VoxBox, but I’ll go over a few to give my ideas.

Orgain Organic Protein Powder, Vanilla Bean | A few weeks ago, I was recommending protein powder to someone who said she couldn’t have it because it was whey based. I didn’t really have an alternative in mind that was non-dairy based that I could recommend to her so I start doing a little research. I know there are non-dairy protein powders on the market, like pea protein power, but I’ve never tried any. Perfect timing for this VoxBox to show up with the Orgain plant based, vegan protein powder – I received a sample half of a serving. Right away, I checked the nutritional facts on the supplement and was sad to see that the macros on the Orgain aren’t my preference compared to my regular protein powder. When I take a protein shake generally I like to work it into my daily macros when I want to save my carbs for other foods throughout the day. The Orgain protein powder has 21 grams of protein, however it also contains 15 grams of carbs per serving. My regular protein powder is the Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Powder, and it contains only 1 gram of carbs which fits my macros better. I also want to make note that the brand advertises the product has only 4 net carbs, something that I do not subscribe to. When I count my macros I could all the carbs, including the fiber, sugar, and in this case alcohol sugar; they’re all a carbs therefore they all get counted. Feel free to research net carbs on your own and make your own judgement.

To test this protein powder, I mixed up my half serving with water and spread it on top of rice cakes, something I have nearly everyday. Because of the higher carb content in this protein powder I had this snack as preworkout before a run. The consistency of the paste this powder created was very thick and a little more pudding-like than I’m used to. The flavor didn’t have a lot of vanilla in it compared to my normal powder, which was surprising because the Orgain powder has more sugar in it than my usual. Now I can’t speak to how this would perform in a shake with water or milk because I was only provided with the small serving, but this wasn’t my favorite protein powder. Sadly this protein powder didn’t work out for me or my macros, but I would be open to trying out other plant based protein powders to see how they might compare.

Eatsmart Snacks Garlic Hummus Three Bean Tortillas Chips | I tried these out dipped in hummus and a new Chobani Greek Yogurt dip that I shared in last week’s recipe of the week. I liked the texture of these chips, they’re on the thicker side which makes perfect for dipping. The flavor on these are pretty good, but I like a little more salt in my chips. I kind of want to try the Spicy Black Bean version to see if there’s more of a punch to that variety. I like the idea of having a healthier chip to eat, especially as a side to tacos, and this is an option if you’re into healthier ingredients. In terms of macros, these chips are around the same as my favorite lime tortillas chips so what you consider to be “healthy” is dependent on your personal nutrition plan.

Vichy Liftactiv SupremeIt’s hard to gauge whether skin care is working for you right away, but I still wanted to try out the Vichy night cream right away and have a first impression. Lets get straight to the point, this product has an unpleasant scent to it that does not dissipate after application. Scented skin care can be bothersome if you have sensitive skin, and personally I don’t like to use scents on my face. Sadly, this product is going to the declutter bin as I don’t see myself enjoying this in my routine. I really wish this would have worked out since I’m in the market for a good night cream. I’m still using basic Cetaphil moisturizer at night which isn’t the worst, but I want to take the best care of my skin as possible as I begin to creep past the mid-20s.

Hair Food Apricot  Conditioner | I’m currently in the market for a new conditioner now that my holy grail Tresemme Naturals has been discontinued, so I welcome any and all conditioner samples in my shower. I really enjoyed this conditioner on my hair, and I especially enjoyed the apricot scent. Sadly, the sample was only 0.5 ounces which is barely enough for half of my hair, but it was thick and spread easily over my curly locks. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I guess it’s available at Target so I may buy the full size to try out. I haven’t tried the shampoo sample that also came in my box simply because I don’t use shampoo often, and I especially do not use shampoo with sulfates in which this brand does.


A few of these products were nice and good to try, but I’m sad that I didn’t like the plant-based protein powder. Overall, I’m still really happy that Influenster took the time to pick a VoxBox that was geared more towards the direction my blog is now going and what I would use in my everyday life. I still love makeup and trying out new things, but fitness and a healthy lifestyle are my big focus right now.

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