How to Get Back on Track

The last full week of February was less than fun. It was one of those weeks where everything was difficult, work was stressful, my workouts were unmotivated, and I just couldn’t stick to my nutrition plan. This happens and at the end of the week I just have to start over and try again, and that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. Here’s how I’m planning to get back on track with my fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being before eventually going back to my deficit.

During the month of February I wanted to continue with my cut, but things got busy and I decided that it made more sense to maintain than struggle at a deficit. For the first two weeks of February, I stuck to my maintenance macros with no problem, but then started to slip up. Last week I set the goal to get back to my diet for the month of March, but a number of things got in the way and it didn’t stick. I know I shouldn’t be making excuses for myself, but being stressed over weighing all my food and being on point with macros just to lose another two pounds was not worth it.

For me, fitness isn’t only about the physique goal, but also loving my body in the moment, training hard, having a healthy relationship with food and being in a healthy mindset. Struggling at a deficit would have negatively affected all of that.

how to get back on track

While I would like to be back on my diet so I can get to where I want to be in terms of my physique, I feel I’d rather be happy at the gym, stick my training, and focus on my maintenance macros. I have no real reason to be in a deficit and I saw a tweet from @fitgirlmoves a while back that said, “Philosophy: don’t cut unless it’s absolutely necessary.” That spoke to me and it’s kind of how I feel right now. I’m planning to cut again for summer, but I probably only need cut for 4 or 6 weeks – April it is! For now, I want to focus on being happy.

Write down your goals.

Creating Lists


Last week, I did decided to start a new way of journaling as a way to have goals and tasks written down to better hold myself accountable. I’m going to start my next week the same way as I did last week, despite not reaching all of the goals for my week. I’m keeping it rather simple with the date of the beginning of the week at the top of the notebook page, a few goals for my week ahead, and a short to-do list. At the end of the week I add a few notes to the last few lines of the page and re-evalute the goals I set for myself.

Plan your training.



I’ve honestly been loving my training split for a while and I had great results when I was cutting. If I do get back to cutting macros, I’ll stick to the training program that I had, but since I’m planning to maintain I really want to lift as heavy as I can to utilize the all carbs, but also to work on my strength. I love being strong and training heavy, so if I can push myself a little further I’m going to.

To plan your training, find a split that you like – I do a four day split with one or two days of cardio. My current split is below:

Day 1 – shoulders & cardio
Day 2 – legs, glutes, hamstrings
Day 3 – cardio
Day 4 – rest / active cardio (think date night the mall or outdoor activity)
Day 5 – chest, tricep
Day 6 – rest or cardio (depending on what happened on Day 4
Day 7 – back

All of these training days currently fit both my work schedule and my boyfriend’s school and work schedule (at least as best as we can make it). I do cardio with shoulders which is generally on Sunday’s, which can sometimes leave an rest day during the week. While maintaining or bulking I do one day of cardio per week.Find a split that you enjoy and make it fit your weekly schedule. No matter what your training program looks like, remember to take your rest days. They are just as important as your training days.

Be prepared.

It’s a been a long while since I did a proper meal prep and planned out my meals for the week. For me, it’s not just important to be prepared and consistent with my meals when I’m cutting, but also when I’m maintaining. This past week, I didn’t take the time to prepare my meals since it was a short work week which made packing my lunches and preparing dinners difficult.


I always try to plan my meals out in advance by logging them into MyFitnessPal, but sometimes I also like break them down by day on a notepad. This week I’m planning the following meals:

I’m also planning for one untracked meal for a sushi date night! My boyfriend and I have had a crazy schedule the past few weeks, so it’s important to get out for date night when we can fit it in.

Sushi Date


When it comes to fitness goals consistency is key. However, do not lose yourself in it. Work hard for those goals, but keep balance and happiness in your life. If you’re not happy with something, it’s OK to make changes. With fitness, that can be your training, nutrition, or both. Thanks for reading! If you have any tips on you stay on track with your goals, leave a comment below or send me an email at

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