Goodbye 2016

As I get older I swear time flies by even faster and 2016 has honestly been a blur. I’m writing this post a few days before Christmas and I keep thinking I still have two weeks left in 2016 to wrap up everything that’s on my to-do list. Wrong. I only have one week and Christmas day is completely booked with family events. Hopefully I can catch up on my list of things to do on my extra day off this week.

Last year I posted two lists of goals I wanted to achieve in 2016: my New Year’s Resolutions and 2016 Fitness Goals. I think it’s important to take time to reflect on what you’d done in life and the decisions that you’ve made, to learn and continue improving on yourself on this journey we call life. Yeah, the past is the past and you can’t change it however it’s important to know where you may have failed and how you can improve.

So how did I do?

Be more creative. This is hard to gauge an achievement on, but I would say I met this goal. This time last year I spent a devoted amount of time each week writing and taking pictures for my blog. I purchased a physical point-and-shoot camera to have better quality product images on my blog posts. As I expanded my blog posts and started to share meal preps and recipes, I started to take pictures of my meals not only for my blog, but also for my Instagram. Before having this camera, I had know idea how to use settings like aperture, iso, or how to use lighting to enhance my pictures. I certainly didn’t know how to edit images and that’s still a work in progress. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time learning about the back side of my blog and the basics of websites. I’m no expert, but I feel much more confident in my ability to customize my blog to the point where I’d add the skill to my resume.

Keep traveling. This was a definite success! In 2016 I traveled to Los Angeles and Duluth solo, and Vancouver and Winona with my boyfriend. Currently, there’s no travel plans in 2017, but I seriously hope I can make something work.

Get that tattoo. While I did not achieve this goal I’m not upset about it. I thought about getting my tattoo a few times in 2016, but it wasn’t a priority so it’s probably best that I haven’t gotten it yet.

Continue to improve and grow Be happy. Again, these are hard goals to gauge and I don’t really have a solid answer for them. I know I’ve improved in some aspects of my life, but not in all of them. And I’m happy with where I’m at, but there’s also some things in my life I’m not happy with that I’d like to change. This goal will likely not be on my goals for 2017 because I consider these to be something I work on every day and to never really reach. If you reach the end of these goals, then there’s no more room for improvement, growth, or more happiness- I don’t want that. I want to always be happy, improving, and growing as a person.

Run a 5K. I’m very happy to say this happened in 2016! I ran a 5K with my dad back in May (on the coldest morning in May in years – below 32 degrees Fahrenheit at the start!). Not sure if I’ll be running this again in May, but it’s not off the table.

Incorporating a jump rope. I’m going to list this one as a fail. I purchased a jump rope with the intentions of bringing it to the gym for some added cardio during my lifts and only did that once. I did however use the jump rope at home with my kettlebells for a quick at-home training session in the garage. Other than that, it’s mostly been collecting dust in the garage.

Do my ab exercises. Again, this didn’t last the whole year so I can’t say I achieved this goal. I will however be adding it back on to my fitness goals in 2017. Never give up!

Lift 200. Yes! I totally hit 200 plus on my dead lifts this year. Updated PRs put in the 500 club!
Squat: 195
Dead lift: 225
Bench: 95

Squat JakeBecause a photo is worth a thousand words. Bonus points for doing it in a dress.

Overall I’m extremely happy with how my fitness goals played out in 2016. Yes, I was all over the place with training, but I feel like I’ve never looked better than I do right now. I attribute most of that to my nutrition and following IIFYM. Nutrition was obviously not my 2016 list of goals, but it goes to show that nutrition and what you eat is just as, if not more important, as your workouts. I have a lot planned for my fitness goals in 2017, both workouts and nutrition. I’m happy that I reached most of my personal goals in 2016, but outside of that my personal life has had ups and downs that I’m still working on. Life isn’t always perfect and that’s alright – I’m always learning.

My 2017 goals will be up in the next week so keep an eye out for those! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Thanks for reading.

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