Gardening and Thrifting Fun

Happy June! For the first time in my memory, I’m enjoying the warm, summer weather. It’s been the 80s the past few weeks and I was loving it, though I could do without the humidity. I consider myself a fall girl and have dreaded summer in years past. I’ve gone the past two summers without air conditioning and my hair expands larger in width by the minute during Minnesota’s humid summers. Now I can’t wait to get outside (with SPF on) to get some sun on my skin, lay out at the lake, and get some yard work done. This spring has inspired me to try new things that I even previously disliked and explore new options available to me.

This is the first year in many that I’ve lived in house with a yard, and I want to get and use it as much as I can. Jake and I went to a farmers market a few weekends ago that was selling mostly plants and flowers, and it inspired us to start gardening. My mom was a huge gardener when I was growing up and I’m sad I never truly appreciated it at the time. We spent a few Saturday’s ago mowing, weeding, and cleaning up the yard, before planting some flowers and vegetables. I’m a little worried about the neighborhood rabbits getting to the vegetable leaves and nibbling away at them, but we’ll take our chances.

For vegetables, we chose a roma tomato plant, strawberries, cucumbers, cilantro and a pumpkin. We also planted a marigold, which may keep rabbits away, and we already had rhubarb and roses. Over Memorial Day weekend, we got a few more herbs – mint and chives – that we can plant in a strawberry pot similar to this one. I’m thinking of transplanting the cilantro we got last week so we have it growing in two locations, just in case. I use cilantro all the time, but I hate how quickly it can spoil . Now I just have to remember to get out and water our little plantlings.

marigold roma tomato strawberry

The past few weekends I’ve spent time thrifting, really going through what the stores are selling. I’ve given thrifting a try as a hobby in the past, but patience is the only virtue when you’re thrifing and I didn’t appreciate that until now. Lately, I’ve had some good finds, mostly clothes, and they’re on a budget which I don’t mind either. I’ve picked up some work shirts originally from New York and Company, Express, and Kohls. I bought a casual dress that was originally from Target that I made appropriate for work with a cardigan over top. It’s a little reassuring to know that I’m buying secondhand which is good for the environment and for my budget. Makes updating my fashion choices that much easier. My plan is to keep thrifting and finding good deals, to eventually redecorate our home with thrifted decor items.

Just wanted to share this quick little life update on what I’ve been enjoying lately. Thanks for reading!

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