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Friday Favorites | 1.22.16

We’re finally coming out the arctic tundra here in Minnesota. The past two weeks have been frigid cold, but I’d much rather have cold than receive a foot of snow – sorry east coast. This weekend will actually be warm enough to get outside and go snow tubing, which I haven’t done in years! I don’t have any new beauty products to add to my favorites this week so I’m going to in a bit of a different order this week.


The first fitness favorite this week is a supplement I wanted to try as I work into the spring fitness routine.  I really wanted try new things for the routine, including some energy supplements and see if they’re worth the buy. I wanted something low in sugar and calories, but still provided added benefits to help during recover. I did a lot of research and settled on the SIX Nutrition Hydra Focus + Electrolytes hydration drink mix. This mix contains contains only 10mg of caffeine per two scoops or one serving which for me this is just enough of a boost to help get me through the rest of my afternoon and an evening workout.  This mix is around $24 for a 30 servings which is 95g of mix, or $0.80 per serving. I really love the flavor of this, Tropical Staredown, which tastes like mango, pineapple, and orange. If I continue to like this supplement, I’m planning on purchasing the SIX Nutrition Hydra Energy + Electrolytes hydration mix which contains 90mg of caffeine. I’d only use that on the weekends or for morning workouts.

The next fitness items I’m loving is huge! We purchased an Olympic barbell and 300 pounds of weight to go with it! I literally got on Craigslist Saturday, found a great deal on the set, and we picked it up Sunday afternoon. Jake had wanted to get a set for at home for a while, and I’m putting together an extensive spring routine I wanted to have at least a bar at home to work with. I definitely got what I was looking for! We paid $220 for all of the weights and a new barbell, and put in our basement until the weather thaws out enough to put everything in the garage. The goal with having the weights is to work on back exercises, start performing clean and jerks, and maybe some front weighted squats. Since we don’t have any type of racking to do squats or a bench for pressing, we’ll be keeping our gym memberships especially since I like to keep running in my workouts throughout the year. This addition will be great during the busy gym season and for Jake to continue working on strength while I’m cutting in the spring months.

I’m still working on the spring fitness routine and I’m hoping to get that ready and posted before the beginning of March in case anyone wants to also give a try with me. Still trying to figure out how to add downloadable PDFs to blog posts for that. Stay tuned!


Fashion is not my really my thing. I don’t keep up on trends and I don’t really have a distinct style. I really wear what I want and that works for my environment. After making the switch to business casual I had to basically buy a whole new closet. This led to my find and falling in love with Old Navy, especially their petite section. I literally cannot get on their site without making an order. Recently, I had been searching for some new work tops and sadly couldn’t find what I was looking for at Old Navy, so I strolled into Express – new love. I’ve never shopped at Express in the past, but this is a great store to shop at if you’re looking for stylish work clothes.

I found a few great tops that I could wear during the winter with a sweater and that will look great moving into spring. The tops all have great colors and patterns on them, fit looser which I enjoy, and were an extra 50% off their already clearance price. All in all, I got three versatile shirts for under $40 – a great deal! These shirts are exactly what I was looking for and I can’t wait to go back and make a few other spring outfit purchases.

Last weekend I started watching Sons of Anarchy again and I’m hooked. I’ve already watched the series twice. I’m addicted. After finishing Dexter a few months ago, I really wanted to watch another TV show based around an anti-hero. Sons of Anarchy is all about that. Sons of Anarchy is one of my favorite TV shows I’ve watch and recommend watching if you’re looking for a good binge this weekend.


I didn’t really have any real beauty favorites this week since I’m still using a lot of the favorites from last week. My skin has taken a turn in the past week, and is for some reason on the normal to dry side despite not changing anything in my skin care or diet. Recently I’ve been itching to try the the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream to add some moisture back into my skin and as we move into spring. I’m finding that I don’t need a full coverage foundation for a normal work day and this CC cream has racked up some really great reviews over the years. I’ve been on a constant search for a good tinted moisturizer since the BB cream craze took over a few summers ago. I was never really happy with how so many lacked any amount of coverage or would just get oily throughout the day. I’ve heard the It Cosmetics CC Cream isn’t like that at all, that it brings a good amount of coverage, while still being lightweight. It also contains SPF 50 which is almost unbeatable for any face product.

I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. I really wanted to add the shirts I purchased at Express, but the lighting in my room is very poor for photos. I do my best to take all of my pictures on the weekend when daylight is available but I’m not always prepared. Anyways, what have you been loving this week? Any good products I should check out? Let me know! -thanks for reading.

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