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I thought it would be fun to share a full day of eating over the weekend when I tend to be a bit looser with my macros. I also tend not to eat the three traditional meals of the day like I do during the week. On Saturday and Sunday, I think in terms of meal 1, meal 2, etc. instead of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During the week, I still eat about six times a day, but three of those meals are definitely larger and are very distinct.

For the month of December I decided to up my calories and macros instead of continuing to go over as the holidays get closer. Just like last year, I’m planning to do a cut in the spring (and maybe something a little different than last year) so I might as well enjoy the extra food while I can.

Meal 1 – Preworkout – Pear, Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter


My usual preworkout meal on the weekend is oats with protein powder, but that’s a little too thick for the cardio I was planning to do after my shoulder workout. I like to keep pears in the fridge because they’re a great source of fiber and it’s also a great preworkout snack that I prefer for the work week. I had one last pear in the fridge that I needed to eat so I switched up my preworkout meal. To top my rice cakes, I used real peanut butter (one of my favorite snacks right here) instead of my Jif Peanut Butter Powder/Protein Powder mix I usually use. Yeah, I scarified a few extra calories and fat macros, but it was totally worth. I also only ended up using a 1/2 serving (16g) of peanut butter. Calories and macros for meal 1: 236kcal/35C/10F/7P. With my preworkout I also took some Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy in blue raspberry mojito and my usual vitamins: multi vitamin, calcium and vitamin D, and fish oil.

Meal 2 – Protein Waffle Egg Sandwich


I’ve been loving protein waffles lately (recipe coming soon), and I recently saw Kara Corey Fit Life make a breakfast sandwich with a waffle so I totally copied her. Best breakfast I’ve had in a long time. I sprinkled the egg whites with some garlic and herb seasoning for a little kick. I also had two cups of coffee with Almond Breeze Egg Nog as creamer topped with whipped cream. I ate this meal just before noon on this Sunday after my hour shoulder/cardio workout. Calories and macros for this meal: 280kcal/5C/46P/6F

Meal 3 – Cottage Cheese, Raspberries, Hard Boiled Egg, Rice Cakes


I had this snack around 3:00pm to hold me over to dinner time since I knew I going to be having a larger dinner. Rice cakes are one of my favorite, macro-friendly snacks out there and often I add them onto meals when I want to feel more satisfied. Calories and macros for meal 3: 254kcal/21C/20P/11F.

Meal 4 – Chipotle Shrimp Tacos 


Tacos are probably my favorite food right now. They’re easy to make and very customizable. I’ve shared this recipe before, and it’s my favorite from the bunch of taco recipes that I’ve shared. I topped the tacos with Taco Bell’s Medium Sauce, which is calorie free and available to purchase at your local grocery store, and a small amount of sriracha mayo. Other toppings included mozzarella, onions, cilantro, olives, and tomatoes. Also, sorry about the lighting here, the sun had gone down for the day. Calories and macros for the two tacos and toppings: 518kcal/58C/40P/18F.

Meal 5 – Christmas Cookies


We really wanted to make some Christmas cookies – tis the season! I found this recipe on Pinterest and modified the amount candies we added in to reduce the calories just a little bit. I’m glad we did since we ended up topping the cookies with frosting and sprinkles. I calculated the estimated calories and macros for one of these, which isn’t exact since they’re all different sizes: 197kcal/34C/2P/6F. During the week I’ve been having these as my preworkout snack. Love these!

Total calories and macros for this day, if you include my other small snacks, vitamins, coffee creamer: 1,598kcal/172C/115P/54F. This isn’t my set goals for my daily calories and macros, but it’s pretty close to what I’m aiming towards for the next couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy these recipes and give them a try. Remember, with flexible dieting you can always modify recipes to make them fit your macros best for the day.

Thanks for reading!

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