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Favorites | January 2016

The first month of the year has passed and we’re one month closer to spring. January was a blur! I got my blog setup and registered a domain. Started researching exercises for the spring routine. We got to to enjoy a little bit of winter by going tubing this past weekend. With February coming up I need to start focusing on fitness goals and getting my routine down. For now, lots of beauty favorites and some fitness favorites to hold me over!


Makeup Geek Eye ShadowsEarlier in January I received my first Makeup Geek Eye Shadows, that I had purchased as a bit of a Christmas present for myself.  I loved them right away, but I also had some doubts about how much powder they seemed to kick up. As I’ve continued testing the eye shadows, I really love having these shadows in my collection. They blend on my lids so easily, have great pigmentation, and come in a lot of colors.

Top Row: Shimma Shimma, Peach Smoothie, Creme Brule
Middle Row: Latte, Homecoming, Grandstand
Showtime, Corrupt

Peach Smoothie has surprised me. I’m really starting to love it as a crease and transition shade for nearly all my looks. For a long time my go to transition shade was MAC’s Bamboo, which leans a little more neutral that than Peach Smoothie. I’d love to purchase more colors, maybe some that are vibrant to see if they perform in the same way. I definitely recommend trying this out from beginner to professional level. You can read my review of these shadows here.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation | Wow! This is an oldie but a goodie! This foundation goes on so smooth, evenly, has great coverage, and lasts all day with no touch ups. I’ve been having issues in the past six months to a year with my skin getting oily throughout the day. I’ve been trying out different foundations, primers, powders, and sprays to combat it. I reviewed the Makeup Forever Equalizer Mattifying Primer and that with this foundation is my current go to for the weekend or days I have evening plans. Currently, I have the formula made for dry to normal skin and I apply it with my Beauty Blender. This foundation even lasted through a day when I forgot to set everything with powder! I’m running low on this and I’ll be repurchasing it for spring and summer. Seriously, go out and purchase this!

Maybelline Smooth Mousse Foundation Two foundation favorites this month! Even though my skin has been a little oily,  I’m not totally into the all matte look right now. Since starting my new job, I’ve become hyper aware of what my makeup looks like because a lot of people around me don’t wear makeup on a regular basis. I switch to this foundation halfway through the month because it has a more natural look than the Revlon Colorstay. I like to apply this with a Beauty Blender, just like my other foundations, and set it with a powder and good amount of Urban Decay All Nighter.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight MaskA friend of mine gave this along to me after her skin changed and she no longer needed so much moisture.  I gave it a try since I needed a new night cream anyway and I’ve been loving it. This overnight mask, which is really just a thick moisturizer, has been keeping my skin happy and recovering overnight. This moisturizer doesn’t have a scent to it, so if you have sensitive skin you’ll probably enjoy this.


As I said in last week’s Friday Favorites, we purchased a weight set and an Olympic barbell. We had wanted a set for a while and found a great deal on Craigslist – so we went for it! I’m excited to have some equipment so I don’t always have to take the time to drive to the gym or I can forgo the gym when I start working out more frequently in spring.

I was also finally able to get a jump rope that is short enough for my height. I looked up a conversion for purchasing a jump rope based on height and opted for an eight foot rope. Since it’s been so cold on the weekends instead of going to the gym to run and then freeze on the way home, I’ve been doing this simple kettlebell workout. It’s simple, effective, and an option to try out if you’re just starting your fitness journey! I purchased my five and ten pound kettlebells at Marshall’s for under $10. Marshall’s also has a good selection of yoga mats and workout clothes for good deals.

jump rope

Old Navy Active Wear | Early in January I was doing some shopping for some new work shirts at Old Navy, but I became easily distracted by the workout clothes that were on sale. I picked up these two super cute and strappy tops for $11 each – the price fluctuates online so you can probably get them for cheaper. They’ve been great for running, but the straps move around too much for lifting. There’s no extra support in the tops which is fine for my workouts, but it’s something to keep in mind.

fitness tops

I really enjoy Old Navy’s workout tops and they come at decent prices. I usually make my Old Navy purchases on their website and use Ebates* to get cash back. Plus Old Navy always offers coupon codes for extra discounts! I have some Old Navy Super Cash that I received from this purchase and it’s valid next week, so I’m thinking of purchasing some additional workout clothes for spring!

Hope your January was awesome – thanks for reading!

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