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Favorites | February 2016

The end of February brings a whole new world for me. March begins my cut and new fitness program. It’s also means that the end of winter is (nearly) upon us. I’m so excited to get outside again for my runs and even do some kettlebell workouts in the garage. In March I’m going to work hard at my new fitness routine including my meal prepping. This weekend includes a trip to Costco to stock up on everything I’ll need for the next few weeks.


Two fitness favorites for the month of February, the first is my new Blender Bottle GoStak that’s been perfect for carrying snacks and supplements to work. I talked about the GoStak a few Friday’s ago after I purchased it and it’s been great for going back and forth to work. I’m getting into having supplements on hand depending on my plans for the day and the GoStak has multiple sized containers that stack together that I can keep in my lunch bag or purse. I’ve been using protein powder more to make protein paste to add on top of rice cakes and the GoStak was my answer to bringing powder to work. And I’ve gotten a ton of compliments about this at work!

Blender Bottle GoStak

In fact, I’ve been carrying another favorite for this month, the Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy in Fruit Fusion. I purchased this for a pre-workout drink, but also for the amino acid blend it offers. This has been great the morning after workouts in place of a cup of coffee and helps promote faster recovery. I also like to use it on the weekends as I’m heading to the gym. The Fruit Fusion flavor reminds me of Emergen-C raspberry flavor that I’m used to, but it can get sweet very fast. I’m still exploring the world of supplements so I’m not sure I’ll repurchase this quite yet, but it’s been good for my workouts so far. I’m planning on getting a BCAA blend that doesn’t contain caffeine so I can drink it for my evening workouts and not worry about not getting to sleep.

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy

I started my spring routine a week earlier than I had originally planned because I ended up booking a vacation to Los Angeles to visit a friend in April! I wanted to try to reach some of my goals and be bikini ready before then. I decided my cut will go for six weeks, then I’ll take a break during my vacation and do an additional six weeks when I return – 12 weeks in total like I had planned just a little more intense. This weekend I’ll be sharing my full fitness routine and next week I’ll post the nutrition plan I’ll be following.


Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair CreamI purchase this massive product about a year ago, but I’ve only just now discovered how much I love it and need it in my collection. I use this leave in cream at night when I’m prepping my hair for bed. I add this on the front of my hair, the ends, and any where that needs extra moisture so it can soak into my hair overnight. When I wake up and take the scrunchie out of my hair, my curls are remoisturized and bouncy ready for another day. This product has played a big role in me feeling comfortable enough wearing second-day hair to work. It’s saving me time in the morning since I don’t have to wash my hair daily anymore plus I’m saving on my other hair products so I don’t have to purchase them as much.


Essence Blush Baby Doll I had this in a Friday Favorites at the beginning of February and I used it the whole month. This was the blush I wore for my Valentine’s Day look and date, and it’s been very nice for work for an everyday look. The color has a bit of a sheen to it, but it doesn’t come off as a highlighting blush which I prefer so I can still put highlighter on. You can buy Essence products at Ulta and Target here in the states.

Essence Blush Baby Doll

Urban Decay Naked Basics PaletteThis a rediscovered favorite I found myself grabbing for over and over again as I was trying to use some other eye shadows in my collection. The six eye shadows in the palette compliment nearly any look and it also can stand on it’s own. I love using this palette for a simple winged liner look using the black eye shadow and adding a pop of Venus to the inner eye. The shade Naked 2 is a little on the light side for me to wear as a transition color, but I find that it can still work to blend out the crease for a seamless look. I only own the first Naked Basics palette so I can’t speak as to whether the second one is as good, but this is a palette everyone should have in their collection.

Milani Bronzer XL Dolci | I should probably stop talking about this bronzer because it was limited edition and you can’t find it anymore, but I really love it that much. This Dolci limited edition duo has the perfect matte contour shade that I use on the weekends when I go for a more dramatic look. I like to apply this with either my Sigma F23 or the F05 if I’m doing a precise contour. The formula on this isn’t too powdery and blends easily into the skin. I don’t often use the highlight side because it’s a little too subtle for me, but it does offer a brightening effect. I really wish that Milani would bring this bronzer back and make it a permanent product within their line. It’s a great matte bronzer which is hard to come by at the drugstore so I think a lot of people would love this product. They offer a few shades in their permanent line, but they’re not the same my love Dolci.

Milani closed

Milani open

Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge Rescue and Protect Eye BalmI’ve been using this eye cream for months now and I’ll never switch away from it. I purchase this in the late summer and I’m just now about to finish the product, so that’s definitely a plus especially since it’s $60. I used to have really dry eye areas, on the top and bottom, and switched to this eye cream after Coffee Break With Dani said it cured her dry eye area. It did exactly that and I think it holds to the name, Wrinkle Revenge. Now that I’m getting older I have a few wrinkles showing up, but as long as I consistently use this eye cream my eye area doesn’t get worse – I can tell when I haven’t used this.

Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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