Favorite Products for Curly Hair

I’m finding that people really love to know what products work well for fellow curlies – including myself – and I think it’s because curly hair is often forgotten about. Nowadays I’ve embraced my big, curly hair and do get a lot of compliments on it, but growing up it was never like that. Once I stopped fighting my hair and learned how to care for my curls with these amazing products I’ve truly come to really enjoy my hair. Sure I still have days when I’m not happy with it, but who doesn’t have a bad hair day. I would love to see more people embracing their waves and curls so I’m going to share my favorite products for curly hair that I know you’ll love.

Curly hair tends to be frizzy because it’s naturally dry. Curly, frizzy hair, however, does not mean that the hair is damaged or needs repairing. I spent a lot of money on products meant to repair damaged hair or to smooth hair, and that is not what I recommend. Curly hair needs moisture and can benefit from products with a bit of a stronger hold. Once I understood this I switched to moisturizing hair products and products geared towards curly hair, I saw a huge improvement in the health and performance of my hair. After many years of trial and error, I finally feel like I’ve found the products that keep my hair well moisturized and also maintain my curls for three days.

favorite products for curly hair


DevaCurl One Condition Decadence Conditioner | I switched to this DevaCurl conditioner in 2016 and I highly recommend it if you can fit it in your budget. For me spending the extra money on a higher quality conditioner is worth it to get two or even three day curls. I buy the liter size at Ulta for $44 and it lasts me about three months.

Suave Essentials Conditioner Tropical Coconut | If you have curly hair then I recommend co-washing – washing your scalp with conditioner instead of shampoo. Shampoo can be harsh on curly hair, stripping away natural oils causing the curls to be drier and have more frizz. This Suave conditioner is the best for co-washing and also extremely affordable. I purchased this family size for $1.99.

Aussie Instant Freeze | I have tried a lot of hair gels and curl holding products, and nothing beats this strong hold hair gel from Aussie. It holds and defines my curls, locks out humidity, and I do not have an issue with it leaving my hair crunchy or with a gel cast. This is available at Target, Walmart, and most drugstores for around $4 and I really wish this product was available in a travel size.

DevaCurl Supercream Coconut Ceam Styler | I first tried this product after I got it as a point perk from Sephora and I fell in love with it. Just like the DevaCurl conditioner, I avoided using more expensive hair products for a long time, but this $28 hair cream is worth the splurge. I use this along with the Aussie Instant Freeze, and it helps with curl definition and also prolongs how nice my curls look. The longer they look nice the less I have to wash it and use more product in my hair. If you can splurge on two high-end products to help with your curly hair, the DevaCurl conditioner and this style are the best products I’ve tried yet.

Aussie Hair Spray | I really enjoy adding a bit of hairspray to my curls after it’s had some time to dry. I have both the Instant Freeze and Sprunch formula, and I think I like the Instant Freeze formula better!

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner Spray | As you can see, I really enjoy Aussie products and really have Influenster to thank for that since they sent me the Aussie Vox Box last year. Their products are great quality, available at a great price, and are mostly curly girl friendly which is always a plus. Anyways, I saw this at my local grocery store and picked it up because I’m almost out of my normal favorite which is the Healthy Sexy Hair Leave-In Treatment, and I’m loving it. It’s great for detangling and taming flyaways, and honestly I’ve been loving it as a curl refresher in the mornings before work.

A wide toothed comb and a Turbie Twist | I only comb my hair when it’s wet and lately only when there is conditioner in it. After washing my hair, I use my fingers to detangle my curls and lay them where I want them to eventually be when they dry. To dry curly hair, I recommend a microfiber towel or a Turbie Twist if you like to wrap your hair up while it dries. You can also use the Turbie Twist to plop your curls, but honestly an old tee will work great.

And that’s it! These are all the products that I love for my curly hair and that I currently have in rotation. I do not use heat on my hair, including a hair dryer if I can avoid it. Lately I’ve been washing my hair in the evenings so that I don’t have to do my hair in the mornings when it may be below freezing on my way to work.

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