Enjoying Summer

This week I’m taking a break from my usual recipe of the week. I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog posts lately, and that’s simply because I’ve been out enjoying summer. Minnesota’s summers are short lived, and once you get out and feel the warm air you don’t want to go back inside. Our summer’s are around three months, but they can be a bit longer if you end up with a mild spring and/or fall. This season was one of those seasons (so far) and for the first time in a long time I’ve actually enjoyed the hot air and humid days. Because of that, my blog hasn’t been as active as it was during the winter and spring months, but I haven’t forgotten about it.

I haven’t only been taking a break from blogging and creating content, but I’ve also been a little loose on the nutrition and gym game. I definitely still take the time to measure and count my food when I know it fits in my daily schedule, and I also do my best to schedule gym days at the beginning of the week to fit into our weekly activities. All that aside, I haven’t been hitting my macros exactly nor have been meeting the numbers I’d like at the gym. And that’s OK. I’d rather enjoy the time I have in the summer to be with Jake, friends, family, and enjoy all the outdoor and social activities we like to do. One of those of course being Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go launched last week and our group of friends has been playing this game non stop since it launched. We’ve spent a fair amount of the time walking around malls and parks, leveling up and “training” our caught Pokemon. Funny thing here is, I’ve never played Pokemon previous to this, but now that I’ve start I see why fans enjoy it.

We’ve also been loving the game Machi Koro that Jake and I picked up during our Vancouver vacation – read about our vacation here. This game is card based and the goal is to finish building your city first, which consists of purchasing economic amenities that will yield a larger routine for growth. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun and takes a good amount of strategy, something I don’t always bring to the table – I’m working on it.

I have new ideas for upcoming blog posts that I’m hoping to work on when I have a less active weekend – maybe if it’s a rainy and humid weekend. I want to try and get outside before it gets too cold to take pictures of some of my outfits, especially the cute ones I put together for work. I also really enjoy having a weekly recipe to share so I’m always trying new foods and looking for ways to make meals fit my macros.

I hope your summer is going just as good as mine and you’re getting some time away from work to get out and play. One day off from your nutrition or the gym isn’t going to put you off for your long term goals. In fact, it might be nice to take a break and start out fresh on a new day. Thanks for reading!

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