Creating a Content Calendar

So I’m finally getting around to making a content calendar. Since I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog the past few weeks, I decided to sit down and pen out some ideas for the next few weeks, including some fall content. I’m going to continue posting a recipe of the week as long as I’m making one, but since fall is my favorite time of year I want to share my favorite activities, Minnesota’s beautiful fall colors, and share our new DIY fire pit perfect for fall evenings. For me the best way to do this is to start a content calendar to plan out blogs post and social media content. I hoping that by making a schedule for myself will motivate me to stick to planned posts and be more consistent with quality content. Having continuous and high quality content is the best way to create a following and that’s what I’m aiming for.

My content calendar is going to be laid out by month, and eventually I’d like to have it broken down even further by week. The inspiration I’m pulling from for my content calendar is from Sunny Lendarduzzi who I’ve been subscribed to on YouTube for a little less than a year now. Back in winter, she posted this video that shows how she makes a content calendar for social media and I really enjoyed the layout. Her calendar’s layout is very simple: create each month in Google sheets with the number of rows you’ll need per day then make the column as wide as you’ll need it. On the rows of each day I added a line for a blog post, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts – this is start for me so I’ll work on adding more social content later.

content calendar

Along with creating a content calendar that prepares me for the weeks ahead, I’m also working to have social media content scheduled at least a few days in advance. Ideally I’d like to have my week scheduled in full in order to have a theme for each week and know exactly what’s being posted every day. I finally created a Twitter dedicated for my blog – you can follow me here – and I also made a Hootsuite account. I’ve been using TweetDeck and Latergram for a few months now, and those platforms are nice, but Hootsuite makes everything a little easier. It brings all of my social media platforms together to one platform where I can schedule posts, add media content, shorten links, and see all my social platforms timelines. I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to make an account.
social iconsTo help my blog stand out even more, I’m working on the quality of images I’m putting on my blog and social media. There’s so much content out on the internet and people have amazing quality that it can be a lot to compete with. Sometimes I find it hard to take the time out of my days to create high quality pictures and images, but I want to change that. What’s the point of buying a nice camera if I’m not going to use it to its greatest potential? I was recently chatting with a coworker about how I’m still in the learning process of photography and she recommended purchasing some accessories that will help with the quality of the photos I’m producing. Currently I’m eyeing this light box on Amazon to start, which will be perfect in the winter when we lack daylight in Minnesota. Any thoughts?

I started my blog because I wanted to have a creative outlet to share my fitness and lifestyle updates. Now that I’ve done that, my next goal is to build my audience and readership, and to do that I’m going to need consistent and high quality content. I’m still happy blogging for the sake of blogging, but I’m ready to challenge myself to bring it to a new level.

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