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Previous to this order, I owned one ColourPop product that I purchased with some coworkers, so I’m going to use this order as my real first impression of the brand. ColourPop is all over YouTube and Instagram, and I finally caved and made my own purchase. I’ve been hesitant to purchase Colour Pop products because it’s based online and it can be so difficult to guess which colors will be flattering in real life. Also, the Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipstick I already owned I didn’t love – so drying. Since this was my first purchase with ColourPop I signed up for the newsletter to get $5 off my order. I bought nine products for a total of $40 – a deal! Everything arrived in perfect condition within a week, so I’m very happy about that.

I tried to buy products that were on the neutral side that I could wear everyday. I’m at the point now where I’m buying practical makeup that I can wear to work or easily wear on the weekend. Every now and then I’ll wear a fun lip color on a night out, but I’d rather spend my money on products that I’m going to wear daily. Despite being terrible at wearing lip products during the week, most of what I bought were lip products. I think that’s because ColourPop is really known for their quality and wide range of lip products. Also, because every makeup lover is forever on the search for the perfect lippie, am I right?

I purchased four Lippie Pencils and two Lippie Stix, having heard so many great things about both. Right away, I loved the satin Lippie Stick Topanga, named after the famous 90s character from Boy Meets World. It’s more coral on my skin tone than it was swatched online, but it’s the perfect coral. Coral is really hard for me to pull off, but this one is great. This color will be in my handbag all spring, summer, and will for sure be in my travel bag when I’m off to Los Angeles in a few weeks. I also purchased a sheer finish Lippie Stick in Tiger, which I really love, but it’s more of a fall color.  I can see this color being good in the fall to throw on quickly without a mirror.

Frick N’ Frack, Button, Clique, Lyin’ King, Topanga, Tiger

Of the four lip liners I purchase, I love the shade Clique. It’s the perfect summer, bright lip – a nice orange, red. I’ll also be bringing this on my Los Angeles trip since it matches my Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in Matte Passion that I fell in love with last year. The other colors, honestly, I’m not too fond of. I purchased Button and Frick N’ Frack, really hoping that they would be more “my lips but better” however they show up very brown against my skin color, not the least bit rosy. Button is the more wearable of the two for me, but I wish it was a bit lighter. I also got Lyin’ King which is a rich berry shade that I can see myself wearing as a true lip liner under another lipstick. I think I’ll like it more in the fall when I have more of a reason to wear it. The wear time on the lip products is really impressive. Honestly, they all seem to leave a bit of stain which could be good or bad. I personally don’t love lip stains in case I want to switch lip colors throughout the day. If you need the product to last all day though, these are for you.

From their Super Shock Shadows I purchased DGAF, I <3 This, and Hanky Panky. Again, I tried to purchase neutral colors that I could wear to work, but I mistakenly did not read the finish of DGAF and I <3 This which are both metallic finishes. Sadly, I just cannot wear metallic shadows to work so these colors will be reserved for weekend wear. As for their colors, DGAF is almost a duo chrome brown-red-bluish color – this would be a great color for a one-shadow smokey with a dark base. I used ELF’s Brownie Points Smudge Pot as a base before I applied this shade to help it appear more brown than red and it worked well for a simple look. I <3 This is a very shimmery, duo chrome. The base color is a pale gold or cream depending on the light, but the color sheers out upon application. The third shadow I purchased Hanky Panky, which is neutral matte color that I really wanted to use as a transition shade, but ColourPop shadows don’t really apply well with a brush so I’ll have to find a new way to use this color.

Super Shock Close
DGAF, Hanky Panky, I <3 This

Super Shock Swatches

All three colors have great pigmentation and again are a great price. The texture of these are super unique – the formula is super soft, almost like you could press into the shadow. I did notice that these crease more on my lids than any other shadow I’m used to using – for reference, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath and I’ve only tested the shadows out twice. I’m really sad that I didn’t pay attention to the finishes of DGAF and I <3 This because I don’t think I’m going to get as much use out of them as I originally planned. The shadows as a whole though are unique, have a ton of fun colors to choose from, and have great color payoff.

Overall, I really love the quality of the products I purchased and the color payoff for all of them are great! Sadly, the colors that I purchased just weren’t what I expected and aren’t appearing on my skin color the best. This is really my fault and the fact that I’m choosing colors based on swatches on a computer screen. It can be really hard to tell how a color will show up on you, even after looking at multiple swatches online. I’d really like to try more of the Lippie Sticks which I’ll probably do in the fall so I can get some vampy colors, which tend to be more flattering on me that neutral or bright colors. I really want to love this brand so I’m almost eager to make another purchase right away to choose different colors that would hopefully work for me a bit better.

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