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Now that I have a grasp on my clothing style for business casual, it’s time for an overhaul of my closet. It’s getting warmer here so I’ve been shopping for some new summer clothes that are also work appropriate. I have tons of summer dresses and cute skirts, but not many that I feel comfortable wearing to work. It’s not that they’re too short, but given my height already and being my age I want to dress the part for my job – I like looking nice. That being said, I also want to keep some of my summer dresses and short skirts for weekend wear and going out. There’s no harm in that.

As I’m adding more items to my closet, I also want to be recycling out items I no longer wear or feel comfortable in. I’ve gone through many phases of clothing styles and some of the items I once wore weekly no longer fit into my style. Also, being able to clean out the house every now and then, and also making donations to a local charity always feels nice.

Clothing Declutter

For a while, I would do a clothing declutter every time I moved since I was moving almost annually between apartment leases. Now I’m fortunate enough to live in a house and I’m pretty settled in, but that means I’m not digging old clothes from the back of my closet every year. Now I have to make a conscious effort to go through my clothes and donate what I’m not wearing, and honestly to make room for new items.

I’ve been going through a bit of a fashion/clothing overhaul for about six months now. I’m trying to change my clothes to be more reflective of my adult self and also to have more staples in my collection. Investing in more staple clothing items means being more fiscally responsible because the clothes are more timeless and it’s easier to put outfits together on the fly.

Things I’m Donating

  • Clothes that are “too young” for me
  • Shoes – old, broken, never worn
  • Unflattering Fits – pants and shirts
  • Old Athletic Clothes – I’ve acquired so many articles of gym clothes, I now need to declutter them


As cute as those red wedges are, I’ve only worn them once and it was for Halloween. The three pairs of pants are from Target when I first starting going to job interviews. The pants are nice and I could wear them to work now, but they no longer fit or look flattering. Also being donated is a fairly new floral dress, some skirts I know others will enjoy, and a tank top. I have a whole bag of donations that aren’t pictured here, but the items are along the same lines as this. Along with clothes, I try to donate household items I’m no longer using.

Recent Buys

Most recently I did some shopping on Old Navy’s website and in store (surprise, surprise), Target, as well as was surprised by some finds at Forever 21. I used to shop at Forever 21 all the time and a lot of my sun dresses are from there, but I’m often overwhelmed in their two-floor store and I also like to return items if they don’t work; Forever 21 still is store credit only on returns.

I picked up some more “mature” skirts from Old Navy’s online petite section that will be great for work. The style I gravitated towards was the stretchy pencil skirt that I’ve been seeing a lot of colleagues wearing around the office. I especially love the one I found at Forever 21 that is white with dark navy stripes on them. I can see myself wearing this with a light blouse to work during the summer as well as on a night out.

At Old Navy, I got three other skirts that are similar in plain black, this black one with white stripes, and one that’s more a striped pattern. I already wore the black skirt with white stripes out, and it’s so cute! Fits me super well and worked for a night out downtown with a denim jacket. I also bought this flowy heather gray skirt that will look  nice with a more fitted top.


I also got a few new tops on a separate trip to Old Navy. I usually like buying clothes from Old Navy’s online petite section, but when I’m buying tops I can getaway with wearing sizes from their regular women’s line. I got two shirts that are the same cut, one in forest green and the other in black with a floral print. I also got a gray muscle tank (picture below) without trying it on and I ended up loving it. To be honest, it shows off my arms and shoulder very nice; hence the muscle tank I guess.


I’m also looking to expand my shoe collection. I’m very short; 5’1″. So I’m trying to get more into wearing heels on a regular basis, including to work. I don’t mind wearing heels and can walk in them just fine, but for daily life I don’t see them as practical. I’m sure some would say the same about makeup, so I get it. Anyways, I saw my coworker wearing the most adorable wedges a few weeks ago and I went out the same the day to buy them. I got these Merona black wedges with a zipper detail – these come in a denim print as well! These are a great pair of wedges for work, casual, and dressing up. They’re also comfortable and give me some great height – about four inches.

blouse and wedges
Gray muscle tank and Merona wedges. Necklace was thrifted.

I own a pair of Tiek’s that I shared a few weeks ago and as I’ve been wearing them more this spring I’m starting to really like them. I’m liking them so much that I’m considering buying another pair for my collection. Instead of a statement color, this time I’d purchase classic matte black to go with all my outfits and to travel with. When I was packing for my most recent trip to LA I wanted to bring my Tiek’s, but the purple didn’t really match enough outfits.

This won’t be my last declutter or my last time purchasing some new items. I want to continue donating my old clothes that I’m not wearing, even if memories are attached to them. I also want to get a few more items to add to my closet for the summer, including a few pairs of work appropriate capris.

Thanks for reading!


my most recent buys

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