• At Home Manicure Essentials

    the perfect nude nail & at-home manicure tips

    This will be a quick blog post that will help you step up your at-home manicure! As soon as the warmer months come around, my schedule becomes packed! And since I’ve been on a nail polish kick lately, I’ve had to create my own at-home manicure process and find products that give salon-like results. After many trial and errors, and testing a ton of polish colors, I think I’ve found the perfect at-home manicure and nude nail. I love having my nails done, but I really can’t afford going to the salon twice per month. I think that’s most of us, right? That being said, I can’t stand when the…

  • Spring Beauty Favorites

    spring beauty favorites | 2019

    Over the past several months, I’ve been getting back into beauty and makeup. When I first started my blog, makeup was my main content. I used to do reviews, first impressions, empties, and more. Since I’m currently on the mend from surgery, I’ve had to find another hobby to focus on for a few weeks that didn’t involve dead lifts. A lot of these favorites you might recognize from my recent Mexico Packing List. Turns out, all my picks for our spring vacation were perfect for traveling and every day looks. All of these products help with perfecting my base which is essential to any makeup look. These picks are…

  • Summer Beauty Essentials 2018

    My Summer Beauty Essentials

    Happy summer! The summer solstice was this past week on June 21 so what a better time to share some of my summer beauty essentials I’ve been loving. Makeup is one of my favorite hobbies and I would even say I have quite the collection. I’m no beauty guru or blogger, but it’s always fun for me to share new finds and favorites. It’s a little bittersweet to think about the solstice already passing us because from here on out, the days only get shorter. So if you haven’t made summer vacation plans yet or made it out to the cabin, be sure you add it your calendars ASAP. I…

  • Beauty

    Favorite Products for Curly Hair

    I’m finding that people really love to know what products work well for fellow curlies – including myself – and I think it’s because curly hair is often forgotten about. Nowadays I’ve embraced my big, curly hair and do get a lot of compliments on it, but growing up it was never like that. Once I stopped fighting my hair and learned how to care for my curls with these amazing products I’ve truly come to really enjoy my hair. Sure I still have days when I’m not happy with it, but who doesn’t have a bad hair day. I would love to see more people embracing their waves and curls so I’m going to…

  • Beauty,  Fitness

    Favorites | January 2016

    The first month of the year has passed and we’re one month closer to spring. January was a blur! I got my blog setup and registered a domain. Started researching exercises for the spring routine. We got to to enjoy a little bit of winter by going tubing this past weekend. With February coming up I need to start focusing on fitness goals and getting my routine down. For now, lots of beauty favorites and some fitness favorites to hold me over! BEAUTY Makeup Geek Eye Shadows | Earlier in January I received my first Makeup Geek Eye Shadows, that I had purchased as a bit of a Christmas present for myself.  I loved…

  • Beauty

    My Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes

    My top three eye shadow palettes in my collection come down to their quality and versatility. For me the two biggest factors in finding a perfect palette is if I can make a look out of it and if I’m able to travel with it. I’ve traveled with all of these palettes in the past year and they’re easy to work with when in morning when I’m getting ready for work. I know a lot of people are really into matte eye shadows and looks right now, but I haven’t been able to get into the trend. I enjoy having a variety of eye shadow textures in my palettes including a few good mattes for…