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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it’s the first meal of the day. Of course! I’ve always been on #teambreakfast and as I was growing up I never understood my friends who didn’t eat breakfast before school. How can you survive until lunch on an empty stomach? As I’ve started understanding flexible dieting and changing up my fitness routine, I like to be careful with what I have for breakfast. I like it to have good protein macros and usually stay lower in carbs, but I also want to stay full throughout the morning. I eat breakfast around 6:45am during the work week so having a dense breakfast is important to me, and I really feel like these breakfast ideas I’ve come up with are perfect.

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Scrambled Egg Whites and Steamed Broccoli | I’ve been eating egg whites for a few months now, and the benefits I get from eating the alternative are worth it. Egg whites have all the protein you get from a whole egg except with a lower calorie and fat count. I usually scramble four servings of egg whites which is around 100 calories; 4 whole eggs is around 280 calories. Lately I’ve been eating steamed broccoli on the side instead of rice cakes or a piece of toast. I got the idea to have vegetables with my eggs from @FitGirlMoves, who I recommend following if you’re into strength training or flexible dieting. Recently I felt the need to start working more vegetables into my diet and having some broccoli with breakfast is an easy way to work towards that. I like to steam broccoli with some lemon pepper seasoning or lemon juice. I’ve noticed that I’ve stayed fuller through to lunch with vegetables along side my egg whites, even more so than having rice cakes with protein paste on them. Also, egg whites can be scrambled at home and brought to work in a microwave safe container if you’re short on time in the mornings.

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Protein Shake | As boring as it is a protein shake is, it’s one of the best options when I need to keep full all morning and also keep my carb count low for the day. I posted an updated recipe back in February when I switched protein powders, and I still stick close to that recipe. Sometimes I only add about 4 ounces of almond milk and then fill the rest of my Blender Bottle with water and ice, and add in two scoops of protein powder. This is easily the quickest way for me to hit my protein macros from the day while keeping my calories and carbs low. When I know I’m going out to eat later in day, I usually have a protein shake for breakfast so I can enjoy my meal out.


Greek Yogurt and a Quest Bar | This quick breakfast is what I like to have the mornings of leg day because of the balanced macros and a higher carb count than I usually eat for breakfast. For leg day, I find that having some extra carbs in me helps gets me to the lifts I want to hit.

I like to add a protein powder to my Greek yogurt to get the protein macro up for the day and also to add some sweetness to the yogurt. I always eat plain Greek yogurt and add my own sweeteners since the individuals cups in the store can have a lot of sugar. I’ll eat that with a Quest Bar, sometimes microwaved so it tastes like a cookie! I don’t love Quest bars the way that they’re displayed on Instagram, but I do like the balanced macros when I’m in a pinch or for pre-leg day breakfast. The two flavors I like from what I’ve tried from Quest so far are the cookies & cream and white chocolate raspberry flavors.

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Calories and macros on this breakfast: 315 calories, 29g carbs, 9g fat, and 44g protein. If I feel like I need a few more carbs before my leg workout, I’ll add in some fruit or pretzels.

Oatmeal | Before my 5K, I made a big bowl of oats for a pre-run meal. I made sure that I had enough time before my run to digest the meal since it is heavy on the carbs. Sometimes I like to add bananas into my oatmeal or eat it on the side, which is a nice add in to keep full throughout the morning. This is another recipe that you can make in advance – add all the dry ingredients into a glass container – and bring it to work to make in the microwave with almond milk or water.

If you love breakfast as much as me, you’ll love these filling recipes. Thanks for reading!

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