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One of my 2016 New Year’s Resolution’s was to be more creative. In order to work on that resolution, I decided to start my blog. If I’m being even more honest, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to just have the blog in general. Well, I’m here with my blog and I’m so proud of myself for finally doing this. I had wanted to try blogging for so long however found that it wasn’t something I could when I was at my previous job. I went to school for journalism so I love writing and sharing ideas, it was just a matter of taking the time to do it.

The past few months I’ve focused on learning how my site works on the back end, putting things together in quality posts, and also being on consistent schedule. I’ve also made a point to try to always have original pictures that I’ve taken within posts. Again, this comes back to wanting to be more creative in 2016. For all the years I spent in journalism school and freelancing, I had never really picked up a camera and learned the basics. My camera isn’t a fancy DSLR, but for me it’s enough to learn some skills that I can use for my blog and personal time when traveling. I’ve learned how to use aperture in order to take pictures in different lighting given my limited amount of time at home during natural daylight for pictures. I’ve also started getting my hand in editing the photos and adding customs items on my blog – such as a header and widgets.

Now that I’ve made a pretty good schedule for myself, I’m starting to focus on my social media generated content so that I can continue to grow my following and ultimately drive more traffic to my site. I even created a new Instagram for my blog to share pictures of makeup, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle favorites. I want to be clear here, that I’m not doing this so I can get as many views and followers as I can, but it definitely feels good when I see traffic and viewership going up – and it has! Again, I’m so proud of myself for finally doing this, taking the risk, and honestly just having fun with it. That’s always my goal – to be having fun and be happy.

I do want to take this time to talk about the angle and content I’m blogging about. I’m a makeup junkie. I have been for years. So when I started blogging naturally it was the first thing I gravitated towards and made the most sense to write about. In the past few years, fitness has really become an integral part of my life; I also wanted to write about this. These were my two topics that I started in on. Now that I’ve been on a consistent schedule for three months, I’m rethinking what I’d like my blog to focus on. I want to make a shift so that I’m blogging about topics that make me happy that I feel I can share with others to help them. I hate to put myself in the general category of “lifestyle” blogger, but I think it’s more practical for me. Makeup and beauty is something I love, and it will continue to show up on my blog no matter what style I put it into.

Fitness has truly become one of my passions and it’s something I can see myself working towards for a long time. I want to continue sharing my fitness goals and routines that I’m working towards. Honestly, I’d love to be a “fitness blogger,” but I don’t feel like it’s so much a part of my life that my blog could be only about fitness. Some goals that I have for continuing to share my fitness journey include sharing more weekly meal preps and recipes that I make at home. A lot of my recipes are inspired by what I find on Pinterest, but most of the time I change ingredients to makes recipes fit my nutrition goals and macros. I was a vegetarian for many years, but at this point in my fitness journey I’m committed to my nutrition goals that I’m incorporating more fish into my diet. After doing some research on vegetarian protein alternatives that I had been eating for years, I found that they don’t fit the macros that I should be consuming for my fitness goals. So I’m working on altering recipes I already love to the better fit my macros and fitness lifestyle.

As I’ve been getting ready for Los Angeles, I’ve been enjoying sharing my outfits that I’m bringing on my trip. I may start making an effort to share more of my outfits including my business casual outfits that I put together for my workweeks. As I continue to travel, which I want to do more than ever, I want to share my experiences from different cultures around the world. And now that I’m eating fish and seafood, I’m excited to try new foods and further expand my palette. I guess I’m really just taking this time to sit down and say that my blog may be changing – just as I’m changing and growing. This is something I’ve learned to embrace and love about myself, therefore its bound to come across in my blog. I’m so excited to continue working on my blog, and sharing bits and pieces of my life that I hope can help and inspire others.

Thank you for reading!

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